55 Fun Art Jamming Ideas

To Get You Started

Art jamming sessions are an exciting and creative way to unwind. Letting your imagination run wild and your creative juices to flow is a form on anti-stress therapy in itself. When it’s a group activity and an experience you share with people you care about, it’s not only a relaxing activity, but an awesome experience you’ll never forget! The end result of regular art jam sessions are painted canvases.

Art Jamming

At Streaks ‘n’ Strokes,  however, art jamming is done a little differently.

At their one-of-a-kind art jam sessions, you can paint and art jam on cotton t-shirts and stylish tote bags! Which means you get to sport your hand painted shirts with pride, or even give them to your loved ones as meaningful presents.

Art Jamming on Tote Bags
Art Jamming on T-Shirts

In case you want some inspiration during your art jamming session, Streaks ‘n’ Strokes have 55 simple and fun art jamming ideas to help you create your first masterpiece!

These 55 art jamming ideas are sorted in categories, so you can simply click on your favourite category below to get started!


Beginner Basics

Simple styles and classic themes, these five easy-to-paint ideas are great both for kids and beginners!

1) Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Art Idea
Birthday Cake Art Idea 2
Birthday Cake Art Idea 3

If you’re looking to make a creative, personalised present for a friend or loved-one, you can’t go wrong with a classic! Painting a birthday cake or a colourful birthday cupcake is easy enough for anyone to master, and you can’t go wrong! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could go for a kawaii version adding a cute little face on the snacks which would make anyone smile!

2) Inspiration

Inspirational Quote Idea
Inspirational Quote Idea 2
Inspirational Quote Idea 3

Everyone loves inspirational quotes, be it work motivation, wanderlust themed, or focused on love and success. Get a bit creative with your favourite meaningful phrases! Perfect for beginners, quotes are a very simple thing to adorn your t-shirts or tote bags with, but they still give you space for being creative – you can experiment with font and colour, and even decorate the text with some simple yet beautiful symbols.

3) Sports Lover

Soccer Ball Art
American Football Rugby Ball Art

Whether you’re a sports lover yourself or are making a gift for someone who is, painting sports accessories, especially in the shape of balls, rackets or clubs, has always been simple! Especially suitable for kids, this is a simple idea that can get you started!

4) Fandom

TV art illustration 1
TV art illustration 2

Are you a super fan of a TV show or movie? There are many creative ways to integrate this into your painting! You can either paint the distinctive logos of the shows you’re a major fan of, or be a bit more creative and paint a television set, and perhaps use it as a frame for the said logo!

5) Hearts

Hearts art drawing 1
Hearts art drawing 2
Hearts art drawing 3
Hearts art drawing 4

Simple, classic, and always elegant, hearts can never be a mistake. This simple yet symbolic shape is the go-to theme for beginners. Designing hearts gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to colour, and you can let your creative juices flow when it comes to decorating the rest of the canvas. The options are endless – painting one big heart, or creating a heart pattern all across your canvas, adding tribal decoration or connecting the motifs with colour splatter – the choice is yours!

Holiday Cheer

Holidays are the perfect time to get creative, and an art jamming session at The Noteway’s art jamming studio is a great way to make personalised accessories for yourself and for others.

6) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


Rudolf reindeer vector art 1
Rudolf reindeer vector art 2
Rudolf reindeer vector art 3
  1. Rudolph is a classic! The cute reindeer with the shiny red nose is a timeless symbol for Christmas and all the joys that come with it. Best of all – it’s a figure fairly simple to paint. If you’re feeling creative, you can play with the original look and create a girly version of Rudolph as well. If you like thinking outside of the box, you might want to play with lines and create silhouettes which play off the iconic Rudolph imagery. (all images courtesy of SVGoriginalcreations)

7) Christmas Penguin

Cute Christmas penguin art

The adorable black and white animals are even more irresistible when wearing little Christmas hats! Not your go-to Christmas imagery, the cute penguins evoke the spirit of snow and frost, and make for great decorations when it comes to Christmas apparel. Quite straightforward when it comes to painting, the penguins are an excellent way to start if you’re a less-experienced painter!

8) Easter Bunny


Cute bunny illustration 1
Cute bunny illustration 2

If you’re looking to make your loved-ones a thoughtful present for Easter, or even if you just like bunnies, this is a fun but a slightly more demanding idea. Painting a bunny holding a colourful Easter egg on cloth is not impossible, but asks for a bit more patience and skill. You can always go with a simpler yet equally wonderful kawaii bunny that certainly melts hearts!

9) Mother’s Day Heart


Mother's day love heart art

Never got around to getting that “I love you Mom” tattoo? Making a t-shirt or a tote-bag with the iconic image is the next best thing (and probably one she would appreciate more as she doesn’t want you getting tattooed anyway!).

10) Mother’s day Pusheen


Mother's day pusheen cat art

Pusheen is everyone’s favourite cat, and no heart stays untouched by the cute images of Pusheen showing some appreciation for Mama Pusheen. Although Pusheen is fairly simple to paint, this image may be a bit more challenging for beginners, as the paws will take patience and precision in order to outline the perfect hug. The effort won’t go unappreciated, though! (image belongs to Pusheen The Cat)

11) Mother’s day Hand Flower


Mother's day hand flower art and craft

A very creative and yet incredibly simple idea – providing you’re not afraid to get your hands a bit dirty! Use the palms of your hand as the base for the blossom and create a unique flower (or whole bouquet!). This is the perfect gift with the ultimate personal touch!

12) Valentine’s Day Flamingos


Valentine's day flamingo art drawing

Whether you want to make something Valentine’s Day themed or you’re simply a romantic at heart, flamingos are the perfect choice. With their gracefulness and the beautiful shades of pink, flamingos are a symbol of elegance and love. Two flamingos forming the shape of a heart is a simple yet powerful image and makes for a beautiful design.

13) Valentine’s Day Balloons


Valentine's day balloon art 1
Valentine's day balloon art 2
Valentine's day balloon art 3

Valentine’s Day Balloons – A classic design that you can’t go wrong with are heart shaped balloons. Easy to draw, and leaving a lot of room for creativity, balloons come in all sizes and colours, and are free to float around your canvas. For those more daring and better skilled painters, adding a cute animal to the mix is always a great idea. (zebra photo is a painting by Olga Shvartsur)

14) Halloween Cat


Halloween cat illustration

This image of a cat is gracious yet gloomy. With its eerie vibe, it immediately reminds us of Halloween. With a little creative decorating with the likes of pumpkins spread out on the rest of the canvas, this simple yet charming image can make for the perfect Halloween themed accessory!

Cartoon Frenzy

For all cartoon lovers out there – challenge yourself by creating your own renditions of your favorite characters. Dive into the world of fiction and create unique pieces!

15) Pikachu


Pokemon Pikachu art

Everyone’s favourite Pokémon, this little yellow monster is a familiar cute face. Best of all, the design is quite straight forward, and the painting is easy fun for kids as well as adults! Who wouldn’t want this adorable yellow mouse on their tote bags and shirts?

16) Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty illustration

Before we had emojis, we had Hello Kitty. The original cute cat, Hello Kitty is a loveable classic. Most of all, it’s an easy design and a source of fun and smiles for everyone!

17) Doraemon


Doraemon art

Doraemon is Hello Kitty for the new generation! This cute robotic kitten is a bit of a challenge to paint, but not an impossible feat! Make your own authentic fan-merchandise by getting creative!

18) Tom and Jerry


Tom and Jerry illustration 1
Tom and Jerry illustration 2

The classic cartoon that everyone knows and loves. Depending on your skill, you can choose to paint just the recognisable faces, or go all out and do full body portraits of everyone’s favourite frenemies.

19) Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse illustration
Minnie Mouse illustration

Simple yet fun, Mickey and Minnie have been a popular design for decades. Why buy prints when you can make your own?! Whether it’s for yourself or a personalised present, painting the couple is always good fun.

20) Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the pooh bear illustration

Everyone’s favourite bear, Winnie the Pooh is a great choice for anyone, regardless of their level of painting skill and experience. If you’re looking for a simpler design, you can decorate your canvas with Pooh’s smiling face, and if you’re feeling up to getting more immersed in your painting, you can challenge yourself and paint the full bear, big tummy, red t-shirt, honey pot and all!

21) Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants illustration

This adorable little sea sponge has won over the hearts of millions with his wit and quirkiness. Your painting of his likeness can do the same! Experiment a bit with additional waves, starfish or small fish floating around your canvas and create your own cartoon masterpiece!

22) Flounder

The original sea hero, Flounder is known as being the best friend everyone needs, as well as the cutest fish in the sea! The simple colour patterns and easy-to-draw lines make this darling fish a simple and fun thing to paint for all members of the family!

23) Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig illustration

The hero of the youngest among us, Peppa Pig is the cartoon hero of the day. Very simple to paint, this is the perfect choice of an art jamming project for the youngest ones!

The World of Heroes

Kids and adults alike – we all look up to someone. Get creative by exploring the symbolic world of superheroes, and create authentic t-shirts and tote-bags like a true hard core superhero fan!

24) Spiderman

Spiderman art illustration

Easy on the first glance, painting Spiderman requires a lot of precision and patience. Still, painting your hero can bring a lot of joy and fun, and you will be left with an accessory you can be proud of!

25) Superman

Superman Logo art

wear the superman’s S proudly on your chest, or give someone the gift of feeling like a superhero by painting this easy yet iconic symbol!

26) Chibi Hulk

Cute Chibi hulk art

The Hulk is a hero which represents power and strength, but also a bit of a painting challenge. We applaud all who manage to paint him in all his glory, but for those with a sense of humour and looking for a bit of fun, nothing is better than the endearing chibi version of the big guy!

27) Captain America

Captain America shield illustration

The Captain America shield is a recognisable symbol and a must for all fans of superheroes. You’ll definitely feel brave and heroic sporting a t-shirt with the symbol that you’ve made yourself! Painting the Captain America shield over your tote-bag will make you feel like you’re ready to face all the challenges of the day!

28) Harry Potter

Harry Potter art illustration

Play with abstraction and make a creative accessory by painting everyone’s favourite wizard’s signature glasses and scar! (image courtesy of VectorStock)

29) Princess Leia

Princess Leia illustration

The beloved Princess Leia, a fan favourite for decades, has seen many inventive re-imaginings. This avant-garde twist on the subject requires precise outlines and high skill when it comes to colour control. The end result is, however, quite an amazing piece.  (image courtesy of Spreadshirt)

30) SuperCow

Supercow cartoon illustration

This Cartoon Network icon is notorious for her attitude and comedy gold. You will be the talk of the town sporting a hand-painted image of the world’s most famous cow! For laughs, you can also choose to confuse your friends by sporting Cow’s version of the Super-symbol.

31) Darkwing Duck

Darkwing duck illustration

This classic character has defined the childhoods of many, and is a great theme for a fun paint jamming session! Depending on your level of skill, you can either test yourself and create a great full body painting, or focus on the recognisable face wrapped up in shades of purple.

32) The Bat Signal

Bat signal Batman logo illustration

The unmistakable symbol for Gotham’s only hope is an iconic image which makes the perfect design for any shirt or bag. Simple to paint, the powerful image is fun for kids and adults alike.

Cuteness Overload

Who doesn’t like cute things?! With the shopping malls swarming with cute designs, it’s time to make your own! Here are some simple painting ideas which will make your heart smile:

33) Pusheen The Cat

Cute Pusheen cat drawing

The Internet’s favourite cat, Pusheen is the embodiment of cuteness. Lucky for you, it’s also an incredibly simple design, suitable for beginners! With a few simple lines, you’ll have your own Pusheen in no time! (courtesy of Pusheen the Cat)

34) Baby Unicorn

Cute Baby unicorn drawing

Unicorns are a big hit at the moment, and you can find them on clothes and stationery wherever you look. Baby unicorns are not only the sweetest thing out there, but much easier to paint than a full grown horse. (photo courtesy of Wine & Canvas Las Vegas)

35) Owls

Cute owl illustration

These adorable owls are very easy to paint, and the simple design gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to colour. Whether you want them to be monochrome or have intricate feathers is entirely up to you!

36) Cute Aliens

Cute alien illustration

If you like sci-fi and are a fan of the mysteries of space, this will spark your imagination! Use your creativity to complete the image of this adorable alien with tiny colourful stars and planets floating around your painting surface!

37) Cloud Vomiting Rainbows

Cloud vomiting rainbow art

For those with a quirky sense of humour, this fun, simple, and good-natured design is the perfect choice in any art jamming piece!

38) The Earth

Earth illustration

For those environmentally conscious who want to use their t-shirt or tote-bag as a way to spread a positive message as well as to be creative, this is the perfect idea. Paint our home with a cute personality, and remind everyone why we love it! (image courtesy of VectorStock)

39) Corgi

Cute Corgi art
Cute Corgi butt

Everyone’s favourite dog, corgi’s are incredibly cute as it is, but you can use your creativity to make them even cuter! Whether you want to stress their cute, big eyes or the tongue sticking out in a happy smile, or focus on the heart-shaped booty that made them famous – the choice is yours!

40) Happy Cup Of Coffee

Happy Coffee Cup drawing
Happy Coffee cup art

The perfect gift for a coffeeholic, you can’t go wrong by gifting a t-shirt or tote-bag with a cute cup of coffee smiling on them. The same goes for tea, or hot chocolate lovers! (cute tea picture courtesy of calobeedoodles.com)

41) Poop Emoji

Poop emoji art

Everyone knows someone who’s obsessed with the poop emoji. This hilarious emoticon is the most unlikely combination of something gross with something incredibly cute. With its big eyes and the big smile, you can’t help but laugh when you see the poop emoji! Bring out your humourous side by adding this funny-cute emoji in your art jamming sessions!

Summer Vibes

The summer is known for its signature vibe – fruit, ice cream, the soft summer breeze and the bright sunshine… Let your creative juices flow and paint what first comes to mind when you imagine yourself lying on a beach under the palm trees!

42) Ice Cream

ice cream illustration 1
ice cream illustration 2

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! The happy ice cream cone is a favorite image when it comes to summer vibes. Create your own jolly ice cream and use our examples as inspiration!

43) Happy Cherries

Happy Cherries illustration

A bit retro, a bit childish, cherries bring the soft summer breeze wherever they appear. Play with shades of red and pink and create the perfect pattern for your t-shirt or bag, adorned with these adorable cherries! (photo courtesy of StockVector)

44) Pineapples With Sunglasses

Cool pineapple with sunglasses art

Everyone looks great with attitude – including pineapples! Give the simple image of a pineapple some summer flare by adding a sassy pair of shades! A bit more difficult to paint because of the layering of colors, the happy pineapple is so adorable it’s definitely worth the challenge!

45) Watermelon

cute watermelon illustration

Another piece of fruit that becomes even sweeter once you add an adorable pair of eyes and a cute smile. Cute fruit with attitude is always fun, and if you’re feeling creative you could try painting a whole happy fruit bowl!

46) Donut

cute donut illustration

Nothing is sweeter than a happy sugar-crusted pastry! Let your creative juices flow by playing with the colours of the magical donut toppings. Add a cute little face to it to give it some charm and personality! (courtesy of VectorStock)

47) Retro Bikini

retro bikini illustration

Pin up and retro are the talk of the town, and you would be following the latest fashions dawning a t-shirt or tote bag with this amazing design on it! Simple to an untrained eye, this gorgeous bikini actually takes a lot of very precise outlining and shading the colours just right, so the shape and the texture of the chic outfit symbolising cockiness and summer parties don’t get lost!

48) Cocktails

cocktail illustration

Elegant, colourful, classy and sassy at the same time – the cocktail design is the perfect choice for a girl who likes her beach-parties and quality times with the ladies!

49) Happy Sun

happy smiling sun illustration

Incredibly cute, incredibly simple, nothing shines as bright as an adorable painting of a happy, smiling sun!

50) Palm Tree

palm tree painting art

Palm trees are synonymous with summer relaxation, and are the perfect way to make your t-shirt or tote-bag radiate positivity. For beginners, palm trees are easy enough to paint, but those who want to experiment a bit more and toy with abstraction, the colour splatter of all the shades of green can make for a unique artistic piece.

Challenge Accepted

If you consider yourself a skilled painter, you might want to challenge yourself a bit more and try your hand at some more elaborate designs! The feeling of satisfaction as you walk away with an original piece of art will make the trouble worth it!

51) Nebula

cool nebula painting art

A wondrous phenomenon, the nebula are incredible to look at and quite a challenge to paint. Mix your colours carefully, be patient and give yourself time to feel out the colours and play with numerous shades, and you will be left with an amazing colour spread everyone will admire! (photo courtesy of Clementine Creative)

52) Majestic Unicorn

Majestic cool unicorn art

A bit more challenging than the baby version, the unicorn in its full form is quite the majestic creature. Brilliant colours and elegant lines are what you need to focus on if you want to recreate the unicorn in all its glory.

53) Flower Mandala

flower Mandela illustration

Mandalas are beautiful and the colouring of the intricate details is often used in therapy as stress-release. The multitude of colours will relax and free you. However, the design is quite complex, and requires a lot of patience and a precise hand.  (photo courtesy of VectorStock)

54) Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings 1
Butterfly wings 2
Butterfly wings 3

The butterfly is a classic motif which gives way to a lot of creativity and an outburst of colour and creative patterns. A popular option is going for a calm and soothing colour-splatter effect. Following a mandala pattern is also an option for elaborate wings! (photo butterfly3 is courtesy of Emily McPhee and is called “Vintage Butterfly Wings”)

55) Pop Art

pop art illustration 1
pop art illustration 2

Pop art seems simple, but the devil is in the detail! The signature aesthetic of pop art involves the tiny, subtle white dots which make all the difference. The colours are always bright, and the lines are edgy, bold and exact. Choose among many classic pop art designs, including comic book explosions and the sassy signature biting lip image. (image courtesy of  KA POW Posters)