7 Trendy Tote Bags Under $30 for Broke Students

Whenever my friends and I splurge on something, we offhandedly remark that we have to ‘eat grass’ for the next few days. Since grass isn’t the tastiest option, how do we manage between looking good and eating well? Further, being clad in the same school uniform everyday, tote bags begin to become a token of self-identity and creativity rather than just a functional carrier for students. As a youth-centric team at The Noteway, we understand your dilemma and have compiled a list of affordable and trendy tote bag ideas below.  

1.Jack Wills Ambleshire Book Bag


Jack Wills Ambleshire Book Bag, $29.95

Made of quality cotton and an embroidered logo, Jack Wills offers a plethora of choices for those who have a taste for simpler designs. It’s thick and roomy enough so you can pack your entire life into it without it coming apart at the seams. Website: https://www.zalora.sg/jack-wills-ambleshire-book-bag-purple-835638.html

2.OBEY Jumble Lo-Fi Tote Bag

obey jumble lo-fi tote bag

OBEY Jumble Lo-Fi Tote Bag, $24.90

For all you hypebeasts; your Yeezy shoes may be expensive but your bag doesn’t have to be. Obey presents an affordable option that complements streetwear. Who says you can’t live the designer life affordably? Website: https://www.zalora.sg/obey-jumble-lo-fi-tote-bag-white-822722.html?rightclick=1&position=25

3.Rubi Work It Mini Tote

Rubi Work It Mini Tote, $19.95

Don’t sleep on the classic options which prove useful for the days that you didn’t sleep enough. A simple piece that goes with any number; just stuff your stationery and that essay you rushed overnight for into the trendy bag and you’re good to go. Website: https://cottonon.com/SG/work-it-mini-tote/418629-01.html?dwvar_418629-01_color=418629-01&cgid=womens-bags-wallets&originalPid=418629-01#start=1

4.Wheniwasfour Tote Bags

kopi dab tote bag

Wheniwasfour, Kopi Dabao Bag, $19.90

teh dab tote bag

Wheniwasfour, Teh Dabao bag. $19.90

These bags are a literal manifestation of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. Created by a local label, this unique piece appeals to all the foodies and those of us who drink so much teh and kopi that caffeine runs through our veins. Website: https://naiise.com/collections/wheniwasfour

4.Monki Floral Tote Bag

monki floral tote bag

Monki Floral Tote Bag, $10.69

This Monki Floral Tote Bag screams beach vibes with its floral prints and neon colours for the upcoming vacation period. But even if you still have school, it’s perfect for the day to day since it’s always summer in Singapore. Website: http://www.asos.com/monki/monki-floral-tote-bag/prd/9680847  

6.Depeapa Tote Bags

Depeapa Bacterio Tote Bag

Depeapa, Bacterio Tote Bag, $25

depeapa blue shapes tote bag

Depeapa, Blue Shapes Tote Bag, $25

School attires don’t always have to be weary and dreary with these geometric shapes and clean lines. Depeapa produces chic totes with trendy minimalist designs, elevating your look from nay to yay. Website for Bacterio Tote Bag: https://naiise.com/products/limited-edition-bacterio-tote-bag Website for Blue Shapes Tote Bag: https://naiise.com/products/limited-edition-blue-shapes-tote-bag

7.Muji Organic Cotton My Bag

muji organic cotton my bag

Organic Cotton My Bag, Muji
B5 – $2.90, A4 – $3.90, A3 – $4.90

stamped muji cotton tote bag

Stamped Muji Cotton My Bag

An affordable option for all the creatives and artists – here’s a blank canvas for your kaleidoscope of ideas. Even for those who can’t seem to work the art tools or draw for the life of them, we’ve got you. Muji also offers a variety of stamps to produce your very own customized design. Website: https://www.muji.com/sg/products/cmdty/detail/4549738467182 But if you want to carry your memories with you by replicating images onto tote bags or want to materialize your creative designs, we also offer Tote Bag printing here at The Noteway. Click here for an instant price quotation if you already have a design in mind or drop us an enquiry here.