50 Things To Do At Home During Circuit Breaker and Lock Down

If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully made it more than halfway through Singapore’s circuit breaker which was implemented in early April. For many of us who have been overworked, weary and disheveled for so long, the shift to working from home was a welcome opportunity to get longer hours in bed and escape the pains of being packed into the train like a sardine. Plus, you could be in your PJs all day! Now that’s the dream.

Unfortunately, we quickly realised that this lockdown period came with its own unique pains, with many of us likely feeling stifled being cooped up at home all day. Hopefully this article can provide you with some refreshed things to do at home for the remainder of the circuit breaker, so we can all hold onto our sanity.

1. Paint Your Favourite Design on a T-Shirt or Tote Bag

painted tshirt bubble tea
painted tshirt plants flowers

How many times have you thought to yourself, ‘I’d love to paint – if only I had the time’? Well, now you’ve got time, and lots of it. With Streaks n Strokes’ free online painting classes, you will be able to produce beautiful pieces of your own – zero art background required! In each class, you will be guided by a friendly and talented instructor on how to paint an awesome design – from cute corgis and kawaii sushi, to our dearly-missed bubble tea. You can even unleash your own creativity and improvise a design that’s unique to you. 

stay at home painting kit
Fabric Painting Kit

All you need to get started are some simple materials which can be conveniently purchased here. Streaks n Strokes offers an array of art supplies like durable fabric paints and painting kits so that you have everything you possibly need to paint from the comfort of your homes. It doesn’t get any easier than this! You can keep your works for yourself, or even gift it to a loved one you haven’t seen in a while. They will surely feel the love of this hand-painted, thoughtful, and artistic gift. Plus, painting is a great way to destress and keep our minds active while on lockdown. Throw on an apron and let’s get painting!

2. Let’s Get Physical

workout at home

It would be a crime not to include working out into any respectable list of things to do at home. For most of us now, the longest commute we take daily is from the bedroom to the kitchen, and that means we’re not getting as many steps in a day as we did pre-pandemic. Carving out time each day to do a simple workout, whether it is to go for a jog around the neighbourhood or follow a workout video on YouTube, would help our bodies get that extra bit of activity we need. 

Thankfully, working up a sweat from home has never been easier. There are tons of workout apps, such as Aaptiv and Fitbit Coach, which offer clear, guided workouts led by professional and enthusiastic instructors. If that’s not for you, there are also plenty of fitness YouTubers who provide easy-to-follow videos, and even trainers offering home workout plans so that you can get in the best shape of your life right from home. 

Gyms closed? No problem. 

3. Namast’ay at Home with Yoga and Meditation

yoga at home

Yoga and meditative practices have been all the craze even pre-pandemic, with many people appreciating the benefits it brings to both mind and body. And just because physical yoga classes aren’t an option anymore is no reason not to continue this peaceful practice from your own home.

Once again, technology is a holy grail in this time, with many places offering online yoga classes, and YouTube channels like ‘Yoga with Adriene‘ whuich cater to Yogis of all levels. Light a candle, play your own calming tunes, roll out your yoga mat, dim the lights, and let’s get zen.

4. Become the Next Masterchef

cooking at home

Judging by how hard it is to buy a bag of flour these days, it’s safe to say that many people are spending their time at home baking up a storm. It seems that banana bread will be the motif for this circuit breaker (if the Instagram stories of people’s bakes are any indication to go by).

As the saying goes, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’. Search up recipes online or even take a Gordon Ramsay masterclass and learn how to be a whiz in the kitchen. Of course, don’t pile on the calories all alone! Share your wonderful creations with your family after and prove that you are as good in the kitchen as you are in the eating department.

5. Spring Clean

spring cleaning at home

Yes, it is time for you to get that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off since the start of the year done. That means reorganising your closet, scrubbing your toilet – the works. Now that we’re spending most, if not all, of our time at home, it is imperative to have a clean and organised space to live and work in. Not to mention the health benefits of living in a space that isn’t dusty or grimey. What’s more, many of us are probably indulging in more online shopping from home, and what better way to make room for the new than to get rid of the old? 

6. Revamp Your Space

interior design home

I don’t know about you, but I have a newfound hobby of poring over Pinterest and Reddit pages of gorgeous home spaces and wondering what it would be like to live there. Well, why not stop wondering and actually transform your tired home space into what you’ve always dreamt of? This article by Honey Combers gives you a list of the best online furniture and home decor stores in Singapore, so you can pick out beautiful pieces and have them delivered right to your doorstep

7. Dig Into a Book

audio book

Ah, books. There’s nothing like being enraptured in a good book and feeling like you’re being transported to a whole new world (one where Covid-19 doesn’t exist). Thanks to Storytel and NLB’s mobile apps, now you can enjoy your favourite books without having to strain your eyes. These apps offer a whole collection of audiobooks, so you can listen to a riveting story while preparing dinner at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Click here and here for some top book recommendations by Rice Media.

8. Dance Your Troubles Away

dancing at home

As a dancer, I died a little inside when dance studios across Singapore were temporarily closed because they weren’t essential services. Thankfully, the local and global dance community was not ready to slow down.

Many dance studios and instructors are providing online classes, whether on their websites for a small fee like our local DanceCable.Asia and Converge Studios, or over other platforms like YouTube, Zoom and Instagram Live. You can even choose to sign up for an account on Steezy and receive dance training by the world’s best dance instructors. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned veteran, there are plenty of options to ensure you never stop grooving even while on lockdown.

9. Learn a New Language


learning new language at home

I’m sure many of us are fans of TV series and dramas from foreign countries. For myself, watching Money Heist has definitely ignited my interest in the Spanish language. But aren’t you tired of having to read the subtitles while watching? It’s time to pick up a new language in this period and finally cross that off your bucket list.

With tons of language learning apps and websites available, it’s never been easier to get started. Duolingo is one of the prime language learning platforms that is also absolutely free. If lessons aren’t for you, you can even learn while bingeing on your favourite Netflix show! Language learning with Netflix, a Chrome extension, displays the subtitles of whatever you’re watching in both your native and target languages, as well as the meaning of each word.


10. Go On a Virtual Museum Tour

virtual museum tour

Even though travel is no longer an option now, you don’t have to kiss your dreams of visiting some of the world’s top exhibits goodbye. In fact, you can get cultured right from the comfort of your own home.

Many museums are offering free virtual tours into their exhibits so that you can appreciate the works of Van Gogh, Monet and more, without having to jostle with hordes of pushy tourists for only a brief glimpse and shaky photograph. This article by Business Traveller details a list of museums which are offering this fantastic virtual journey for absolutely no cost.

11. Sign Up for Courses Online 

online courses at home

Whether you’re still in school or already working, there’s always something more to learn. Thanks to sites and apps like Coursera and Udemy, you have a range of online courses to choose from at your fingertips – data science, business, photography, design, and even first aid and personal development. Coursera allows you to learn at your own pace from top companies and universities like Stanford and Yale, and Udemy offers highly-rated courses by professional instructors.

Take advantage of this time to build up new skills and enrich yourself. Invest in a reasonably priced course if you have money to spare, otherwise there are plenty of free courses to choose from as well!

12. Watch Livestreams and Virtual Concerts 

virtual concerts at home

You might be disappointed by the upcoming concert you were about to watch being cancelled. Well, thanks to the ingenuity of technology, you can now tune in to online shows by your favourite artists, musicians and theatre companies from home. Billboard’s article provides a guide to the upcoming online musical events that you can catch. These include performances and shows by legends like Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, and Jon Bon Jovi no less. 

13. Keep a Journal

keeping a journal

Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly knows a thing or two about being stuck in isolation, and he has shared that keeping a journal to write about his experiences helped him cope with the process.

Lucky for us, we aren’t living 400 kilometres up in space and cut off from civilisation. However, in this stressful time, journaling can be an effective way for us to organise our thoughts and feelings. This journal is completely private and your own, so feel free to even use it to track your mood, exercise, or diet each day so you know that you are in control of your mind and body.

14. Write a Short Story

writing short story

Our lives may not be the most exciting or action-packed now, but you can create a story or world of your own that is! Under pen and paper (or fingers and keyboard), anything is possible. Romance, suspense, action – the choice is yours! If you’d like to share your story with a wider audience and get valuable feedback, upload your writing onto free sites, or even on your own blog. 

15. Play Board Games

playing board games at home

Remember the days when we used to play Scrabble, Cluedo and Monopoly after dinner? Before the era of smartphones, Netflix and YouTube? Yea… neither do I.

I say it’s time to bring back these classics and have some good old-fashioned bonding away from the screens. Especially now, with more time to spend sitting around the dinner table with our families, board games might be just the thing to bring us together and get a little healthy competition going. What are you waiting for? Head to your storeroom and wipe the dust off that Scrabble box, or simply buy a new set off of sites like ezbuy and Lazada

16. Have a Makeover


makeover at home

It’s been more than a month since I’ve worn anything cute, put on makeup, or let’s be real – bothered to put on a bra. And I’m guessing it isn’t just me who has succumbed to rocking the ‘just got out of bed’ look everyday. But Georges St-Pierre was definitely onto something when he said ‘If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good’.

Why should being stuck at home stop us from experimenting with a fresh, new look? You can start small and experiment with a new makeup look at home, or go straight to transforming your hair into a cool new colour. Afterwards, you can even have fun by staging your very own photoshoot at home. Now get out of those ratty old PJs and get that quarantine glow-up!


17. Paint Your Furniture At Home

furniture painting at home

Since we’re spending so much time at home, it’s important to be inspired by your living and working space. If you want to spruce up your home but don’t want to commit to brand new furniture, try giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint instead!

Annie Sloan is a world-leading expert in decorative painting, and has inspired people to be bold with their paints and colours. Here in Singapore, Big Blue Trunk is the exclusive distributor of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. They also run introductory and advanced technique workshops on the Annie Sloan Method. So if you would like to upcycle old furniture or update your space with a fresh new colour palette, these workshops are for you! Get yourself some paints from their website and get to painting!

18. Play Online Games

playing online games at home

We are now more interconnected than ever, and it isn’t hard to stay social in the age of social distancing. There are endless apps and websites which offer multiplayer online games so you can have fun hanging out with your friends online, or even play with people from all around the world! 

Recently, I have been playing my all-time favorite childhood game, Club Penguin, and it has been nostalgic to relive those primary school days. You can also download apps like:

– Psych! where you can start a free game called “and the truth comes out” (My personal favourite!) to outwit your friends with the funniest answers.

– Mario Kart Tour where you get to race against up to 7 other players in the Mario Kart.

House Party where you can chat, video call and play games and trivia with your friends within the app.

Or simply head onto websites like Skribbl.io, Spyfall and Pretend You’re Xyzzy. Parade has also compiled its list of 23 best online games to play with your friends in this period. With so many interactive online games to choose from, you’ll never be bored.


19. Send a Care Package to Loved Ones

sending care package

Being apart from our loved ones in this period doesn’t mean we can’t show them some love! Send them a personalised care package chock full of their favourite snacks and knick-knacks, or even your own baked goods, and top it off with a handwritten letter.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to prepare your own package, you can get something awesome delivered and support local businesses at the same time! The Dessert Party is a home-based company offering their signature stay-home dessert packs for just $40 with free delivery, and Bakes by NY is a Halal bakery that has some awesome deals on doughnuts and other pastries. Make someone’s day sweeter today!

20. Get Crafty

arts and craft at home

Arts and Craft was always my favourite subject in school – the things we could do with some macaroni, glitter and glue never failed to astound me. Instead of rotting away in front of our screens during lockdown, it’s time to reignite that childhood creativity in us with some DIY crafts.

Knitting, embroidery, scrapbooking, and even upcycling your old clothes are all great ways to destress, pass the time, and go wild with your designs! You’ll just need some basic materials to get started, and places like Wish I Were Stitching and The Yarn Barn sell ready-made knitting kits and supplies. There are plenty of blogs, YouTube channels and online workshops which will get you crafting like a pro in no time!

21. Travel the World

travel from home

Yes, you heard us right. Ever wanted to see the Northern Lights, take a stroll around Paris, and go up to space all in one day? Thanks to technologies like Google maps and 3D interactive panoramas, many of the world’s top tourist attractions are offering virtual tours. Manorama’s article lists a few of such virtual experiences – all the way from Disneyland to no kidding, a NASA space tour. While viewing these wonders from a screen is not quite the same as seeing them in person, you can still learn more about the country while not having to squeeze with the crowds or pay those exorbitant ‘tourist prices’!

22. Get Up Close and Personal with Wildlife


virtual safari zoo tour

Are you curious about how the animals in safaris and zoos are doing at this time? Wonder no more! You can go on amazing virtual safari and zoo tours – broadcast from the wilderness straight into your home. WildEarth’s safariLIVE is one such expertly hosted live show, with equipment like drones, rovers and remote cams to give you a full experience. This article by The Weekalso details some of the best virtual wildlife tours from locations all around the world.


23. Support Local Productions

virtual local theatre productions

Watching shows by international artistes is great and all, but let’s not forget to support our very own local theatre companies like Wild Rice, The Necessary Stage, and Pangdemonium. They offer a myriad of online theatre experiences to keep you entertained from home. WILD@Home is one such engagement initiative aimed at connecting audiences and artists, with streamed YouTube videos of their most popular productions and live talkback sessions each week.

24. Go on a Virtual Bar Experience


virtual bar from home

Miss drinking at the bar? William Grant & Sons (WG&S), a family-owned distiller, invites you to experience the 1887 Virtual Bar – live from your living room. This initiative aims to support the local bartending community by featuring guest bartenders who make specialty cocktails on Zoom, after which you can even buy them online. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a delicious, expertly crafted cocktail while supporting our local bars.


25. Treat Yourself to a Self-Care Day

self care day

We could all definitely use some self-love in this stressful time. While spas and massage parlours are closed, you can create your very own one-of-a-kind home spa experience. Start off by lighting some scented candles and plugging in an aroma diffuser, then put on a relaxing face mask, exfoliate your skin with an organic scrub, soak your feet in a warm bath, and end it all off with a manicure!

This YouTube video by Glamrs provides an easy guide to creating a relaxing spa day with ingredients you have at home. You will find that pampering your mind, body and soul for one day does wonders for your well-being, and above all, you deserve it.

26. Attend Hogwarts

online hogwarts experience

It’s been 9 years since the last Harry Potter movie was released but we’re still not ready to let it go. Introducing Hogwarts is Here (HiH) – an incredible online Hogwarts experience created by fans, for fans. In this online, fully-functioning Hogwarts, you can create a character and actually enroll in realistic online Hogwarts courses, earn House Points, meet new friends in the common room, and so much more! Schools may be closed now, but the school of magic has its doors wide open. 

27. Grow a Garden


gardening at home

It is no surprise that gardening has been steadily growing in popularity, considering the sense of peace and well-being that it brings. While we are under no threat of supermarkets running out of food, it doesn’t hurt to grow your own little stash of fruit, vegetables and spices right at home.

If that’s too much work for you, even investing in some pretty potted plants or succulents can help to brighten up your home and leave you feeling inexplicably calmer. Since we can’t go to nature, let nature come to us.


28. Make a Time Capsule

making time capsule

We are living in a wildly unprecedented time – the world seized by a pandemic and life as we know it flipped upside down. Amidst the chaos, there are precious lessons to be reaped from this experience that we will surely want to remember and look back on, or perhaps pass onto future generations. What better way to immortalise these memories than to make a time capsule?

Simply get a box or any storage container and fill it with objects that symbolise this period of our lives – toilet paper, hand sanitiser, face masks, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a letter to your future self detailing what life has been like. Crack it open years later when this is (hopefully) all over, and reflect on these extraordinary times.

29. Lend a Hand to Those in Need

helping those in need

While some of us might have the luxury of comfortably waiting this circuit breaker out at home, others are not so fortunate. If you’re feeling powerless, fret not, because there are many ways for you to help vulnerable groups in society get through this tough period.

Check out this page by SG United on how you can help out fellow Singaporeans by sharing resources, donating, or volunteering. This is not a fight that can be fought by any single organisation alone. Let’s stay united and do what we can from home! 


30. Learn to Play an Instrument

playing instrument

It’s finally time to get that guitar, ukulele, or some instrument or another out from the depths of your house. It seems that we all fancied ourselves becoming the next Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars at some point, but quickly realised that we weren’t the musical prodigies we imagined ourselves to be. Well, this circuit breaker might prove to be the key to unlocking your breakout music career.

Fender, one of the world’s leading guitar manufacturers, is offering 3 months of free lessons on its Fender Play platform. Yousician is another platform that offers a 30-day trial on its premium course, where you can learn thousands of songs on multiple instruments. With so many great instructional materials at your fingertips, there’s no reason you can’t be making some beautiful tunes by the end of this!

31. Grow a Beard

grow a beard

Hair salons and barbers have been closed for so long that I say we embrace the rampant hair growth. To my dudes, this is your chance to grow out that beard and moustache, and finally put an end to the question of ‘Can I pull off facial hair?’ To the girlfriends and wives, I am sorry.

32. Make Your Own Bubble Tea


making bubble tea

It’s safe to say that the temporary closure of bubble tea shops island-wide sent Singaporeans into a frenzy. How on earth would we get through this circuit breaker without boba?

Thankfully, many bubble tea chains have collaborated with food businesses to still provide you your daily dose of bubble tea. But why not try your hand at making bubble tea from scratch at home? That way, you’ll never be at the mercy of bubble tea shops being open when you’re craving a boba fix. Here’s a simple recipe on how you can make this delectable beverage at home!


33. Rewatch Your Favourite Disney Movies

watching movies at home

Something about Disney movies never fails to put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my belly – which we could all use more of in this period. Whether it’s a classic animated favourite like Bambi, or a live action remake like The Lion King, Disney movies have a way of transporting us to a fantastical world. Plus, they always have some great life lessons.

To quote Remy in Ratatouille, “The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.” Boy, that couldn’t be more true. So what are you waiting for? Make some popcorn, get cozy, and have a Disney movie marathon!

34. Throw a Netflix Party


netflix party

Cinemas might be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy watching movies with friends. Netflix Party, a Chrome extension, lets you watch shows with your friends while chatting together at the same time. Simply log into your account, pick a movie, and Netflix Party will sync the playback across your accounts so you’re all watching the exact same thing in real time! Now you can hog the armrest and Karen will be none the wiser.


35. Create a Pressed Flower Arrangement

pressed flowers

Whether you’re looking for a fun DIY project to do with the kids or simply an activity to destress, collecting and pressing flowers is the way to go. Not only is it easy to do, you get a beautiful piece of art to frame up, display, or keep as a momento. Pick flowers from your garden or collect some the next time you’re on a walk, and get to creating a beautiful dried floral arrangement. Check out this article on Kidadl for some fun and easy ways to dry and press flowers!

36. Host Karaoke Night

karaoke at home

Miss belting out your favourite songs in an off-key? Yeah, me too. But who says we can’t host our own karaoke night at home? All you need is a TV screen to link up to, free-flow snacks, and a ready-to-sing attitude (microphones are optional).

There are many dedicated karaoke channels on YouTube that you can use, such as Sing Sing Karaoke and KaraFun. They have everything from hot new releases to the all-time classic hits, so you can definitely find your go-to song. Alternatively, download one of the many karaoke apps which allow you to sing, record, and even share your beautiful singing with friends and family.

37. Take Buzzfeed Quizzes


online quizzes

Have you ever wondered what Friends character or Disney princess you are? Of course you have.

You may think you’re past the age of taking quizzes and swapping your results with friends, but there’s something so addictive about it no matter what age you are! It’s also an easy but immensely fun bonding activity for you and your friends, especially if you’re bored at home with nothing to do. Spend a few minutes to take a quirky Buzzfeed quiz, share it with your friends, and laugh over what kind of bread you all are. (I’m a pretzel).


38. Photograph the World Around You


You might feel bored and restless being greeted by the same sights and sounds everyday. But what if your perspective was from behind a camera lens instead?

Photography is a beautiful art that allows you to see things in a different light, and immortalise precious moments in life. The next time you’re taking a walk around the neighbourhood, bring along a camera and try to capture perfect shots of the world around you. Even photographing day-to-day life at home can help you rediscover the beauty in each moment. 

39. Plan a Treasure or Scavenger Hunt



treasure hunt at home

Think you know every inch of your house? Put it to the test. With the whole family stuck at home, why not get creative and set up a treasure/scavenger hunt complete with hidden clues, puzzles, and riddles that only your family can crack? You can even up the stakes with an epic prize and/or punishment. Whoever comes in last will have to wash the dishes for a whole week!


40. Support Local Hawkers

local hawker food

Are you starting to miss authentic chicken rice, laksa, prata, and carrot cake? Satisfy your food cravings while supporting local hawkers who are taking a hit in this period! Although it is great that more of us are cooking at home, it would make a difference to local food businesses if we all bought a meal or two from them each week. Spice up your circuit breaker by trying something new every time and perhaps you’ll find a new favourite dish!

41. Shop Online at Local Boutiques

local online stores

Many of us are resorting to tried-and-true retail therapy to get through this circuit breaker. And with a plethora of online shopping sites at our fingertips, we can get just about anything delivered to us in a matter of days.

But while popular sites like Lazada and Qoo10 offer good deals, don’t sleep on what our very own homegrown brands have to offer! Fashion boutiques like Zerrin, Runway Bandits, The Closet Lover, and Love, Bonito have a wide selection of fashionable styles and designs that cater to a range of customers. You will surely find something you love at these local sites, not to mention you’d be helping them through this difficult time.


42. Recreate a Runway Look


recreate runway look at home

Paris Couture Week may be cancelled, but #HomeCouture is what’s hot right now. While we’re all quarantined at home, let’s get creative with whatever’s lying around the house and recreate iconic runway looks. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out @skipdin, an instagram account where some of the best #HomeCouture looks are curated.

Think cling wrap corsets, toilet roll palazzo pants, and trash bag ball gowns. Too much instant noodle packaging left? Try turning that into a high-end look of your own. Once you’re happy with your creations, get together with some friends online and strut your stuff in a fashion show – lockdown edition!

43. Go Camping Indoors

indoor camping

I don’t know about you but I miss being in the great outdoors, surrounded by lush nature and greenery. While that isn’t an option anymore, you can go on an indoor camping trip and still keep the best bits of camping.

Pitch a tent in the living room, switch off all the lights, and make your own ‘campfire’ using fairy lights or candles. Since you’re in the comfort of your own home, you don’t even have to worry about the rain or bugs getting into the tent. You could even get extra cosy and screen movies, or simply share campfire stories and bond as a family.

The piece-de-resistance? Delicious homemade smores. 

44. Start a Blog



start a blog

Being in lockdown, I’m sure there are plenty of creative thoughts and ideas bubbling within you. If you’d like your thoughts, opinions and reflections to reach a wider audience, try your hand at writing a blog. You can pick any theme under the sun – lifestyle, fashion, food, the list is endless! Whether it is to entertain, enrich or educate, writing a blog of your own allows you to share your unique perspective with the world. Choose from a ton of platforms such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, and embark on your blogging journey today.


45. Listen to a Podcast

listening to podcast

Working from home has its perks, but it does feel strange not to have the usual hubbub of an office or cafe. Try tuning into a podcast to fill that void.

There are a near endless number of podcasts that cater to just about everyone and every interest there is. Whether you’re looking to learn more about history, get spooked out by creepy stories, or simply have yourself a pick-me-up, podcasts are the way to go. They’re easy, fun, and instantly cheer you up. The Financial Times has a list of their top 10 podcasts to get you through lockdown here.

46. Build Up Your Immunity

build up immunity

It is crucial that we all do what we can to strengthen our bodies in this time. This can be achieved through taking charge of our diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, and mental health.

It may seem daunting at first, but implementing gradual and tiny changes into your lifestyle – like eating a serving of fruit after every meal – can do wonders to boost your immune system. As tempting as it is, try to avoid staying up late or bingeing excessively on unhealthy snacks. Health is truly wealth, so treat your body with care and respect it deserves. 



47. Hang the Singapore Flag


hanging singapore flag

From now until September, Singaporeans are allowed to display the national flag as a rallying symbol of unity and resilience. According to MCCY Minister Grace Fu, the flag is “a call for us to work together and stand resilient in the face of a crisis like this”. Of course, don’t forget to follow the official guidelines to ensure we all use the flag appropriately and treat it with respect. 

48. Host the Quarantine Olympics

hosting quarantine olympics

With the most anticipated sporting event of the year postponed, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Yes, I’m talking about hosting the once-in-a-lifetime Quarantine Olympics.

This challenge was originally started by the Presley family of North Carolina, who hosted events on TikTok like the toilet paper toss, the quarantine 500 race, and the straw challenge. Many families have since followed suit and even invented their own unique events from home. Not only is this a great way for you to bond with your family, it might be your only chance at snagging a gold (quarantine) Olympic medal!

49. Plan What to Do Post-Circuit Breaker

planning post circuit breaker

This circuit breaker has definitely made us appreciate the little things that we used to take for granted – things as simple as being able to hug your friend, or go to the gym after work. Life post-pandemic will surely be different as we reflect on the lessons we’ve learnt and decide what to do moving forward.

In anticipation of that, compile a list of things you miss and can’t wait to get back into. It could be to visit your grandparents, cosy up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them. It would also be great to include healthy habits you’ve picked up in this circuit breaker that you wish to continue, like washing your hands thoroughly and setting aside quality time with family. 


50. Share This Article

sharing article

We’ve reached the 50th and final thing to do this circuit breaker, and arguably the most important of them all – share this article with your friends and family! That way, we can all come out of this circuit breaker fitter, healthier, multilingual, artistic, well-read, and hairier.