5 Unusual Ways to use the New Facebook Emoticons

Everyone is going gaga over the new feedback emoticons released by Facebook recently. After much observation, we realised that the emoticons can be used in many more fun and interesting ways!

1. To get your crush to notice you

Remember how we used to like all the posts of our eye candy? Since everyone started doing that, it became hard to stand out among all those likes. Now with the Facebook emoticons, you can finally take the next step, to love their posts. Hopefully this gets their attention and who knows, you might just have Facebook to thank for your next date 😉

2. To annoy the sh*t out of your friends/enemies

Ever have those friends who post 100 selfies a day or post photos of themselves with a motivational quote that has absolutely nothing to do with that picture? Well, now is the time to spam the angry emoticon on that selfie-crazed king/queen and Motivation 101.

3. To rate the cleanliness of toilets

Changi Airport beat us to this one and we applaud them for their creativity. Jumping on the emoticon bandwagon, they invited people to rate their toilets using the new Facebook emoticons. And I think we all know how we would rate them: here’s a heart for you Changi!

4. To make your point towards oblivious “high-level” people

And now down to some serious issues, we believe that the new Facebook emoticons can change the world. As we all know, sometimes people need more than just comments to know that their actions are not accepted by the majority. Hence, a stronger message has to be put across to such people and these new emoticons seem to be way to do so. As shown in the above image, our neighbours have already begun to very efficiently use the angry emoticon to show their displeasure and hopefully incite some long overdue change.

5. Last but definitely not the least, we can use it to show our true excitement for Leonardo Dicaprio winning the Oscars!

Yes, a like is definitely not enough to bring out the happiness and fulfillment the world feels for Leo’s well-deserved Oscar win. Some of us love the moment, some of us are brimming with elation and some of us are crying tears of joy. And we have the new emoticons to thank for allowing all of us to express our true feelings. Congratulations Leo, you deserve this win!

By Vanathy

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Meme No More: And the #Oscar for Best Actor goes to Leonardo DiCaprio for #TheRevenant. More on our live blog: str.sg/ZyPW

Posted by The Straits Times on Sunday, 28 February 2016
M’sians Are Flooding PM Najib’s Posts With The Angry FB Reaction—Because They Now Can
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We too believe in instant feedback.

Posted by Changi Airport on Friday, 26 February 2016