5 Types of Neighbors Only NUS/NTU Hall Residents Will Understand

Staying in hall is definitely an interesting experience. But don’t you agree that what makes it more exciting are the vibrant personalities that you would come across in hall? Here are a few you would have probably met!

1. The Clubber

These are the kind of neighbors that makes you wonder if they will be on the dean’s list should they major in clubbing. Every Wednesday, you will always receive the invitation or “jio” to club.
On this very special day, it is not uncommon to hear people shouting out these sentences at the corridor: “Eh, ai club mai?” “Eh tonight on or not?” “We go chiong tonight la!” “Zouk tonight?” On Thursdays, you will then see these party animals in class transformed into zombies. If they are not around, then their morning has not yet started.

2. The Popular Kid

Ever heard of the saying that the more slippers you have outside the room, the more popular you are in hall? Yes, this sentence is true and especially so when you live in halls with single rooms, eg. Sheares and Kent Ridge in NUS. Other than being popular, having slippers outside your room also implies other things. People will always be very curious and gossipy when they see a bigger pair of slippers outside a girl’s room or a smaller pair of slippers outside a guy’s room. Still don’t get what it means? That’s  for me to know, for you to find out!

3. The Clown

Ever return to your room to find all your soft toys being tied on the ceiling fan and spinning slowly around the room? Or ever entered your room to realize that it is suddenly very empty because an annoying person in hall decided to move your entire bed to the rooftop? Yes, these are the pranksters that try to be funny and perhaps spread some fun (and annoyance) amidst their boring school life.

4. The Loudhailer

They are the ones whom you will hear before you see them. It makes you wonder how strong their vocal chords are when you can hear everything they say even though you are on a different level.

5. The Note-Writer

“Have a great recess week!” “I’m off for training!” “I will only be back on Wednesday!” These are few of the many phrases that you will commonly see on the numerous Post-its that you receive during your stay in hall. The note writer will always be giving you loads and loads of Post-its with different messages on it. Somehow, they prefer that to text message or calling. Perhaps these people think that a traditional handwritten note is more personal. So it is no surprise that you can find Post-its anytime and anywhere; on your table, welfare packs that your neighbors prepared, outside your door, your fridge and of course, slid under the door.
And there you have it, the five kinds of neighbours you are bound to come across when you are in hall. Like it or hate it, without them, hall life would not be as exciting.

By Pauline

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