5 Things All NYP Students Would Relate To

5 Things All NYP Students Would Relate To

Whether you are a NYP alumni reminiscing about the good old times, or a new freshman adjusting to the curriculum, these are the experiences that every student will encounter during their three years’ worth of stay at Nanyang Polytechnic!

1. Walking under the sheltered walkway to school

NYP Walkway
If you take the MRT to school, you should be quite familiar with the long sheltered walkway. It stretches from Yio Chu Kang Station all the way to the main entrance of Nanyang Polytechnic. There is nothing distinctive about it.  However, when you are running late, the walkway always seems to magically extend itself . To make matters worse, the people in front of you will seem intent on blocking your way. This happens so often that you may think it is a conspiracy aimed right at you. If you are rushing to school on the days of an important test or a presentation, all I can say is, good luck. Yes, your classmates would simply tell you to wake up earlier but you will realise that owning a bulldozer would be a better alternative solution.

2. Deciding between the North and the South for lunch

NYP Canteen
When your tummy is aching, you will find yourself puzzling over the school canteens. If you were say, a Business student, the nearby North Canteen would be convenient. But your friends might decide otherwise, due to them being sick of eating there for the past week. Instead, they might suggest some tasty wedges and nuggets at the further South Canteen for a change. Needless to say, friendships will be sorely tested in these choices, especially with all the delicacies that Nanyang Polytechnic has to offer. The availability of Koufu and a variety of cafes does not help the issue at all!

3. Finding an empty table at the library

When the projects and exams loom ahead, you will find yourself often visiting the library for group discussions or a place to study. Unfortunately, there are many others who are similarly looking for a place as well. There is always fierce competition throughout the school to hold a table. This struggle peaks during the examination period, where tables are fully occupied with random strangers reluctantly sharing the power sockets available. As you walk past these students, you cannot help but to wonder if the thought of studying at the convenience of their own homes ever crossed their minds.

4. Asking friends to tap your attendance during lectures

As any polytechnic student will tell you, morning lessons are the worst. Waking up and leaving the comfort of your bed to snore at the lecture theatre is definitely not the best start to the day. Thus, most students are guilty of passing their student cards to their friends to tap for attendance, so as to catch up on sleep. Those who stay nearby often find themselves being passed a number of cards in exchange of favours from their classmates. Of course, some lecturers stepped up measures. Students were sometimes required to sign their names on a list after each lesson to ensure that they were there physically. However, when there is a will, there is always a way. It did not stop the students from sneakily forging signatures of their friends into the list.

5. The pressure from presentations and examinations

As the dreaded date comes nearer, you will begin to see night owls hanging around the school benches or empty tutorial rooms. You will also become physically ill at the mention of “group meetings” or “discuss after school”. Your desktop will be so cluttered with presentation slides and reports that it would give librarians a fit. However, soon you will realise, after graduation, that these are the defining moments of your experience at Nanyang Polytechnic. Getting chased away by janitors from a tutorial room, or exploring the school at night, are just some of the memories that you will remember fondly.
So, if you seem to be familiar with any of the scenarios listed above, then congratulations! You have experienced the true Nanyang Polytechnic experience. Not just the diploma, but the good and bad times that you and your classmates would jokingly swap during your meetups, even long after graduation.

By Youliang

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