4 Places to Buy Plain T-shirts in Singapore

We all have days where we roll out of bed after one too many snoozes on the alarm, scrambling over getting ready to leave the house, throwing on a plain t-shirt as there’s absolutely no time to fret over choosing an elaborated outfit. If you find this situation way too familiar, read on to find out the best places to buy basic t-shirts in Singapore:  

1. Muji

Aesthetically-pleasing stationeries and household items aside, Muji boasts a wide collection of apparel, a section many patrons (unfortunately) skip altogether. With Muji’s minimalist theme, it’s no surprise that they do best with basics. And the best thing about this remarkable Japanese retailer? Their eco-friendly ethos of green activism, which manifests in all their products.

2. Uniqlo

“Welcome to Uniqlo!” If you’re familiar with this earworm of a greeting, it’s highly likely that you have been to Uniqlo to grab some basic tees. Uniqlo basically carries the throne of Japanese casual wear, from undergarments to winter coats, and of course, plain t-shirts. Plain t’s in V-neck, plain t’s in AIRism material, plain t’s in cotton, plain t’s in oversized cut… You get the gist.

3. Sifr

Sifr prides itself for the quality of its basics. Instead of over-production, Sifr believes in selecting quality materials – the finest Supima Cotton, in their case – in trendy colours that give its customers good mileage. 

4. Taobao

Possibilities of things you can get from major marketplaces like taobao are endless (we’ll save that for another article). As for plain t-shirts, there are literally thousands of shops and options to browse from in Taobao. Taobao is arguably one of the most dynamic online shopping experiences around, so expect to be overwhelmed even when you’re merely shopping for basics. And the best part? The competitive pricing of almost everything in there! 

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