5 Kinds of People You Will DEFINITELY Come Across in NTU

University is a very exciting place and it is also where you will find very interesting personalities with whom in one point of your university life, you would have interacted with.

1. Lobang King

Distinctive Trait: Need quick access to the answer script for your latest tutorial? Need a regurgitation of what your lecturers or professors just spent the last hour trying to get into your head? Fret not, just approach Lobang King because what you need is what he has. This person has the best connections to give him access to all the necessary information but if you ever ask him information regarding his contacts, all you will get is a death stare.

2. The Just Follow Law

Distinctive Trait: NEVER misses a lecture, NEVER misses a tutorial, NEVER late for any project meetings, NEVER misses deadlines, and most importantly, NEVER does anything sinful such as cheating on a test (a sin many of us are guilty of). But this particular person, the brilliant rose among a lecture full of thorns, will never compromise his strong moral values just to get the “easy way out”.

3. The Super “On”

Distinctive Trait: Active participant of ALL school related activities. BBQ tonight? Yes please. Join the school union? Of course. Join the pageant and look ridiculous in outrageous outfits? Count me in! Hence, there will always be this ONE person whom you will be sure to spot anywhere and everywhere. It makes us all wonder how they have so much time and where they get their energy from. But one thing is for sure. If you ever organize any event or gathering, this person will definitely be there with a big smile plastered on his face.

4. The Rich AF

Distinctive Trait: Rolex, Benz, Maserati, you name it, they have it. These are the rich kids on the block who are well branded, sorry, well-dressed and are not afraid to show it.  A typical conversation with them would probably go like this: “Hey bro, shall we go for lunch?” ‘Sorry bro, I need to bring my Maserati for servicing.” “I thought you went last week?” “No bro, that was for my Porsche.”

5. The Homeless

Distinctive Trait: We are all aware of the people with their accumulated pile of items occupying multiple school benches and tables. They are the ones who spend days and nights with their laptops, tablets and litter of assignments sprawled all over the table. If there is ever a time you need to stay over in school, you can always ask these people for the best places to shower and sleep.

By Priscilla and Vanathy

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