5 Engineering T-Shirts Every Engineer’s Wardrobe Must Have

Engineers are awesome and so is our list of t-shirts for them! Be it a gift for yourself or your engineering friend, check out our cool engineering t-shirt picks from Teebuzz.sg

1. The Definition of an Engineer 

This is a must have t-shirt for all engineers because it saves you the trouble of having to repeat time and time again, “what does an engineer do?” With this t-shirt, all you have to do is point to it when anyone asks you that question. With a touch of humour, you can always look to your shirt and chuckle during the times you feel stressed. Though the text of the slogan may be slightly longer, it still comes off as neat and clean-cut.

2. Trust me, I am an Engineer

Now, this slogan as we all know, is taken from memes that show hilarious engineering fails. Not only is it funny, it adds light-heartedness to the serious and hard work put in by all engineers. It is also a great way to create conversation with people as the first question you are guaranteed to be asked is “Wow, are you really an engineer?” With striking graphics and eye-catching texts, you are sure to garner much positive attention!

3. Faculty of Engineering

This one is for all engineering students (and ex-students). It is a not-so-subtle way of letting people know that you are an engineer and of course, it may impress your crush too! If you are proud to be an engineer, this is the best way to flaunt it. The design of the t-shirt is simple and yet stands out thanks to the smart use of fonts and relatable icons.

4. Type of Engineer 

Civil, mechanical and chemical engineers, it is time to show off your title! Definitely something to be proud, these t-shirts specifically name the type of engineer which once again explains your job without you having to say a word. What is best is that the t-shirts are designed to be simple, straightforward and practical, just like how an engineer works.

5. For the Software Engineers

Software engineers, do not worry, we did not forget about you. Throughout your time studying or working, you have probably done so much coding that the experience listed in this t-shirt would be surely relatable. Guaranteed to get you and your friends cracking up, this t-shirt is creatively designed by using a font that is similar to HTML.
So there you have it, our five awesome engineering t-shirts that you should start putting into your wardrobe. Go on to teebuzz.sg and start filling up your shopping cart now!