4 Ways RI is like Hogwarts in Harry Potter

4 Ways RI is like Hogwarts in Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Are you an RI student, current or former, it actually doesn’t matter. Here are 4 things which bridged the gap between the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, and our very own RI times.

1. The School Mascot

RI Statues
The Griffin is a mythical creature that has the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion. RI’s mascot was a slightly cuter version adopted from the Griffin, known affectionately as Griffles (Picture above). The Griffin is not a long stretch from Hagrid’s most beloved pet, Buckbeak (Picture above), from the Harry Potter series. The Hippogriff has the head, front legs and wings of an eagle, while its hind legs and tail are that of a horse. That’s just one horse behind away from Buckbeak, for all you Harry Potter fans out there!

2. The Chamber of Secrets Toilet

RI Harry Potter Hermione
No Harry Potter fan will forget Moaning Myrtle and the bathroom she haunted in Chamber of Secrets. What most would not know is that there is a toilet in RI that is known among fellow Harry Potter followers as the Chamber of Secrets toilet. The toilet in question is a female toilet that is outside of Lecture Theatre 2, on level 2. So named because of its long row of curved sinks that can keep any Harry Potter fan on their toes, waiting for the Basilisk to attack them!

3. Ghosts and Demons

RI Ghosts
Adding to the mystery of RI, are the many ‘ghost stories’ that are associated with it. Inspired by this, in 2011, an Art student did an art project, which included assembling a hooded figure – very much alike a Dementor – on one of one of the railings in the school. This led to much speculation till the project was completed, the hooded figure was disposed off, and everyone realized the truth. This is just one of many such mysteries that the school population has ‘solved’ over the years. Safe to say, it never gets boring around RI!

4. The House System

RI and Slytherin Logo Harry Potter
The Inter-House Competition seasons in RI were definitely a festive part of our school memories, much akin to the Quidditch season. Not many of us would have also failed to notice the similarities between the color schemes of  Buckle-Buckley and Slytherin, Moor-Tarbet and Griffindor, Morrison-Richardson and Ravenclaw, and Bayley-Waddle and Hufflepuff. Of course, the RI house system was not conceived of with the Harry Potter series in its mind, and there is a fifth house, Hadley-Hullet, that does not quite coincide with any of the series’ houses. However, these coincidences still added color to the Inter-House Competition season!

By Aiswarya Devi

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