4 Surprising Secrets of NTU President Bertil Andersson

Dr Bertil Andersson is known for his numerous awards and accomplishments. He is also well-known by students for his intelligent yet humorous nature. However, here are some interesting facts about him that NTU students are not aware of.

1. He speaks 6 languages

While some of us struggle to even communicate in our Mother Tongue, Dr Bertil speaks English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French and German with ease. It is no wonder then that he shares a passion for the arts and culture. He can always be seen going for cultural events such as Tamil Literary Society’s Deepavali show, which he graces each year without fail.

2. He was a newspaper boy for 9 years

It may be hard to believe but Dr Bertil was not from a very well-to-do family. As he did not want to depend on his parents, he looked for ways to earn some pocket money for himself. Hence, he became a delivery boy and started delivering newspapers from the age of 9 all the way till 17. His efforts paid off and he has come a long way since then.

3. He used to be a rebellious teenager, albeit a cool one

No kidding guys. Our NTU president used to spot long hair which he refers to as “musician-style”. At some point in his teenage life, he felt it would be cool to have such a hairstyle. Although it was frowned upon by the older generation, he paid no heed to their disapproval. Needless to say, even though he may no longer carry that look, he definitely still has the charisma from his teenage years. Disclaimer: This is not a photo of  Dr Bertil but we imagine this is how he might have looked like with long hair.

4. He was a former commando and a competitive skier

Can he get any cooler? Apparently he can. Dr Bertil was a former commando in the Swedish military force for a couple of years. After serving in the military, he went on to become a competitive skier who swept a number of sports medals. It is no surprise then that NTU has become 1 of the fastest-rising universities thanks to our president who is well, from the experiences he brings, fast and furious.  

By Vanathy

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