4 Shocking Ways ACSI Students Celebrated Leavers Week

In ACS International, there is one week where all hell breaks loose. And no, it is not where students start pulling all-nighters. It is a time when all seniors start going on a rampage (if The Purge came to mind, you are on the right track) to celebrate the last week of school, before IB students go off for study break and eventually, exams. Known as Leavers Week, organised by the student council, students get up to pranks and ridiculous antics, turning the school upside down with absolute immunity. And the best part – the school authorities and staff can’t do anything to tame us. Check out the 4 best tricks that my batch got up to in lieu of Leavers Week!

1. Go on a cling wrap and post-it rampage

It so happened that a public holiday fell during Leavers Week. While the school was empty and completely devoid of people, we went into the school and unleashed our interior decorating skills. We dedicated a post-it mural in front of the Vice-Principal’s office, designing in such a way that only people outside the office can see it. We also decided to wreck havoc with the rest of the student population, cling-wrapping every last table and chair in school to mess with their heads and make it seem like they were out of order. Needless to say, everyone was in uproar when they came back to school!

2. Lead an invasion of Elmos, the occasional communist and superheroes!

For one day (and one day only!) we were allowed to come to school in our own costumes! As seen in the picture, people really did take advantage of this opportunity. It was fun to see the entire school ogle at us as we took our costumes and props from lesson to lesson!

3. Cross-dress day

We decided to do something no one in our school had ever tried before for leavers week: Swap uniforms. Yes, we wanted to cross dress. Each of us found an individual of the opposite sex of a similar size to swap uniforms with, and we dressed like this for the entire day. 
All our teachers had a good laugh, I even had one friend who wore heels along with a girl’s uniform. It was hilarious! Our juniors reacted differently, some laughed along, while some gave weird stares. Honestly it did not matter, because it is called leavers week for a reason; it’s literally our last week in school so, who cares!

4. Post-it rampage Part II

We pranked one of our teachers by post-it-ing his entire car. As you can see, he was not amused! But the best thing about the teachers in our school is that they know how to take a prank, because they know that underneath all our mischievousness, is an act of love. HAHA! But after, Mr R demanded that we remove all the post its for him and walked back into the classroom.  
Do you think your school should hold an equivalent of leavers’ week? It they did, what would you get up to? Let us know in the comments below!
By Gordon Chia and Wilshia Maruli
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