30 Anniversary Gift Ideas in Singapore to surprise her

Anniversary gifts for her

Mrs Wonderful, Honey-Bear, Baby Dearest. She is your partner and soulmate, the one who always warms the cockles of your heart. Whether its been five, ten or twenty years, you know that both of you will always be there for each other, and you’d like to get a little something to commemorate that promise. If you’re running out of ideas this year, fret not, here is a curated list of 30 anniversary gift ideas in Singapore to surprise your very special other half!

1. DIY Fabric Painting Kit

Couple Painting Kit

Rather than getting something, why not create another perfect memory together? This “Paint in Pairs” DIY Fabric Painting Kit is perfect for painting with your loved one even if you both are complete beginners in art! Inside the kit you will find 2 items (choose between t-shirt and/ or tote bag) as well as the necessary art materials for your creation of love.

Price: $69.90 (additional $5 first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter)
Streak n Stroke’s Paint In Pairs – DIY Fabric Painting Kit

2. Custom Photobook

custom couple photobook

As one of the famed photographers in the world Aaron Siskind once said, ‘’Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.’’ With all the photographs that you two have taken together, turn them all into a photobook full of your fairytales! This will be a gift that stays with you both forever, and you can both reminisce the times of your first date whenever you want.

Price: Starts from $74.80
Photobook Singapore

3. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

couple jigsaw puzzle

If you think photobooks are a tad too boring and want to amp the surprise, then get a customised jigsaw puzzle, with your couple photos as the design instead! You could assemble them in advance and surprise her with it, all framed up, or you could whittle the hours with her as you love birds try to recreate your best moments together.

Price: Starts from $19.90
Perfect Fit Jigsaw

4. Couple Coffee Mugs

couple mugs

This is a must for every couple out there! Everyone needs a little reminder during the day of their other half and what better way to remind each other than your ‘his’ and ‘her’ coffee mugs? When parting gets a little tough in the mornings, just remember love gets stronger

Price: $30.75 (excluding shipping)
Couple coffee mug

5. ‘Where have we been’ World Map

Scratch World Map

One of the best things a couple can do together is to travel to new places and taking on adventures. This scratch off world map is complete with companion accessories- a comfortable scratching tool, memory stickers to mark your travel memories, eraser to clean scratch smudges and even a magnifying strip for the visually challenged.

Price: $34.97 (excluding shipping)
Scratch off Map of the World

6. Matching Kitchen Aprons

Couple Aprons

Couples who cook together, stay together. Other than the bedroom, the kitchen is another area of the house where most memories are created. So why not get both of you two a pair of matching kitchen aprons so that cooking becomes twice the fun!

Price: $16.99 (excluding shipping)
His and Her Kitchen Aprons

7. Hand-casting kit

Hand Cast Couple

Sometimes, taking photographs is not enough for keepsakes. With a hand-casting kit, you will be able to ‘preserve time’ and make sure that the two of you will always go hand-in-hand, till the end of time.

Price: $115 (excluding shipping)
Luna Bean Hand-casting kit

8. Love Coupons

love Coupons

If you are a young couple that is celebrating the early years of anniversary, consider making her a book of romantic “love coupons,” where she can use it to redeem for back rubs, chores or even a breakfast-in-bed!

Price: Free! It’s a DIY project.

9. Personalised Matching Pyjamas

Couple Pyjamas

If you two are sleeping on the same bed, why are you two not in matching pyjamas? Affirm your love for each other by having a matching set of sleepwear!

Price: $89
Personalised couple sleepwear

10. Tickets to her favourite event

Find out (covertly) when she’s having an empty schedule for the day (or night) and get tickets to her favourite concert/ performance/ theatre! It doesn’t get better than that when your partner gets to enjoy her favourite moments with you!

Price: Depends on the event

11. Romantic Picnic at Marina Barrage

Pick up the fanciest picnic basket you can find, and have a lovely, romantic picnic at Marina Barrage with your one and only. To make sure both of you gets the most out of it, grab a bottle of her favourite wine, some candles and go during the evening time so that you can watch the sunset together.

Price: Depends on the items you get

12. Jar full of your heartfelt letters

love letters

This anniversary, why not show gratitude for all the times that she stood by you by writing a couple of heartfelt letters for her? We suggest filling up a jar with 365 hand-written letters so that everyday she has something to let her know of your never-ending love for her.

Price: Free! Another DIY Project

13. Bedding Set

Couple bedding set

Like we’ve mentioned, the kitchen and the bedroom are probably places where most memories are made, so it is important that the bed gets as comfortable as it can be.

Price: Starts from $50
Bedding Set

14. A Travel Guidebook

Travel Guide Book

We live in such busy times, it might be hard to spend some proper quality time with your partner. So get her a travel guidebook and pick a place for you guys to go on an anniversary trip! It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, even a short getaway will do.

Price: $17.49 (excluding shipping)
Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

15. Engraved Jewellery

Soami jewellery

Jewelleries are great, premium gifts that can highlight the importance of this special anniversary, as well as complement your partner’s beauty, elevating her look to another level.

Price: Starts from $40
Soami Artisanal Jewellery

16. Anniversary Journal

Get an anniversary journal so that you two can make notes on the significant moments that happened every year during this extraordinary day!

Price: $19.65 (excluding shipping)
Anniversary Journal

17. A day out at Sister’s Island

Sisters island is a marine park, with guided walks that are conducted free of charge. There have been sightings of wild dolphins roaming around the area since the marine park was commissioned, so take this chance and spend the day out on an island with the dolphins!

Price: Ferry ride (round trip) from Marina South Pier ($18)

18. A fancy dinner

Lawry’s the Prime Rib is a fine-dining restaurant that is revered by Singaporeans. Featuring a posh European inspired atmosphere, Lawry’s roast beef cuts are undeniably one of the best meats one could have. Soft, tender and well-flavoured, dipping the Lawry’s prime cut into their creamy mashed potatoes feels nothing but blissfulness. A special dinner night for a special occasion!

Price: About $90 per person
Lawry’s the Prime Rib

19. Cake!

If your partner is a fan of cheesecake, Cat & the Fiddle offers one of the best halal cheesecakes in Singapore. Started by award-winning pastry chef Daniel Tay, Cat & the Fiddle offers a diverse selection of cheesecakes, from classics to local flavours.

Price: $42.90 – $48.90 (selected cakes)
Cat & the Fiddle

20. 3D Lamp

couple lamp

Knowing that she is the one who lights up your life, personalising a 3D lamp based on a photo of the two of you is a perfect anniversary gift.

Price: $68.43
Custom Photo 3D Lamp

21. Calligraphed Wedding Vows

How long has it been since you last exchanged your wedding vows with your wife? The vows might just be one of the most beautiful things you’ve heard in your life, so why not create a calligraphed art out of it?

Price: Free (if you decide to do it yourself)

22. A sparkly photo frame

Photo frame anniversary

A sparkly, premium photo frame for the fondest memory like your first date!

Price: $189
Swarovski Minera Picture Frame

23. Designer Bag

This is quite a splurge, but if your partner loves a good handbag, this might just be your best anniversary yet.

Price: $3200
Saint Laurent Monogram Bag

24. Bubble Bath

bubble bath anniversary

Give your partner good pampering by getting some relaxing bubble bath bombs / elixir. All she has got to do is to head to the shower, pop one of those babies in and relax for the rest of the evening.

Price: $73.50
Elemis Bath Elixir

25. Personalised Scents

Everyone loves a personal scent, especially the ladies. Why not surprise her with a new, personalised fragrance instead? The Lab Fragrances offers one-of-a-kind scents that are freshly hand made in small batches, complete with the wearer’s name printed on the label.

Price: From $78
The Lab Fragrance

26. Personalised Coasters

It’s a ploy to get her to see your lovely face everywhere! While it might be a relatively silly prank gift, having a coasters that only belongs within your household gives it a more personal touch.

Price: From $6
Custom Coasters

27. Charging Wrist Clutch

Charging purse

In the era of the smartphones, running out of battery is always a problem. Fortunately, you can get your partner a purse that also doubles as a portable charger, so she will never worry about staying out with a phone on empty battery!

Price: $49.99 (excluding shipping)
Mighty Purse Charging Wrist Clutch

28. Soundwave Art

Soundwave i love you

One of the most trendy art right now, soundwave art turns the sound of your life into personalised art. Each voice has a unique pattern- leave a short message to your partner as a sweet anniversary gift.

Price: Starts from $84.99 USD + $34.99 USD (shipping)
Soundwave Art

29. Poster feat. you and her

couple custom poster

Photographs, framed art pieces, jigsaw puzzles…why not get a customised poster to complete the set?

Price: Starts from $10
Customised Posters

30. A Ring to reaffirm your vows

Couple Ring

For the couples who have gone through thick and thin together, maybe you can think about surprising her with another ring, to renew and reaffirm the day when you decided to get on your knees. Get her to say ‘’yes’’ again on the best day of your life!

Price: Depending on the place you are getting from- hey, you call the shots for this one!