3 Shocking Truths about NYJC’s Principal

If you do not already know, Mr Kwek, principal of NYJC for 10 years, is retiring. Yes, it is sad news. And this would have definitely come as a blow to many NYJCians. But he sure deserves a nice long break, doesn’t he? That aside, let’s take a look at some of the amazing things Mr Kwek has said and done during his time in NYJC. Apart from the fact that he has danced in front of NYJC students before! (Check his adorable dance out in this short video below;)

1. He plays a dual role as a cleaner

NYJC Principal Cleaning
This is Mr Kwek cleaning the chairs and tables after a downpour, so that the students will be able to have a place to sit down and study. This is only one of the many heartwarming acts by NYJC’s principal. He has been described as someone who was always willing to roll up his sleeves to help students in whichever way he can. Such selflessness and care is what earned him the huge amount of respect he has today from both students and teachers alike.

2. Every once a year, he becomes Santa Claus

NYJC Principal and Santa
Ho Ho Ho! Good luck for exams! Mr Kwek is NYJC’s very own Santa. From giving out apples to chocolates, Mr Kwek never fails to motivate the students during the tough “cramming” days before exams. He would also stop to chat with students and advise them on how to get through the examination period. And he does this without fail every year. It is no wonder then that NYJC keeps getting better. It can be said that if there was a reason why NYJC is where it is today, it would be because of Mr Kwek.

3. He is the next Albert Einstein.

NYJC Principal
Just look at some of his quotes. When he decided to chide students for wasting precious time by using philosophy: “They play in the daytime but then sabotage me! They study in the dark, they burn the midnight oil.” And when it didn’t work, he became ruthless: “Stop eating slowly, stop bathing slowly, throw your computer away!” Then there was this time when he made students scrambling to tell their friends to not “pon” assembly: “Be my mouthpiece. I don’t like to micro manage my students but do not take it for granted. Tell your friends to come for assembly” He used a whole new platform to talent scout: “If your drawing is so good, send them to me; I’ll send it for competition. Don’t vandalise the tables.” And to top it all, he showed his ability as a love guru: “If you love somebody, write a letter or if you need help, find me. I’ll help you write or give you a card. Don’t write on tables.”
P.S. If you would like to say goodbye to Mr Kwek, NYJC cordially invites all ex-colleagues, ex-students and parents from all the schools he had taught and school partners to his retirement party on 21st November 2016. The venue will be at Nanyang Junior College and there are two parts to this event, a Farewell Assembly and an After-Party.
Retirement of NYJC Principal Mr Kwek
You can find out how to register for the event via this link: http://nanyangjc.moe.edu.sg/nyjc/announcements/thank-you-mr-kwek