3 Rules every ACJC student has broken

3 Rules every ACJC student has broken

We can all relate to breaking rules as a student. Doing something you were told not to as a student simply brings out the adventurous & daredevil side in us.  So, what are the 3 rules that just about every ACJC student can say they have broken?

1. “You aren’t allowed to climb the backgate”

ACJC Students Climbing Gate
This rule has been breached so much in the past that the famous back gate is now left open after 1.10pm! When you get to exchange a full afternoon of boring-ass tutorials for a tasty plate of Nasi Lemak at Holland Village, you’ll find that the tiny cuts and bruises sustained from this ‘rite of passage’ are all worth it. Besides, practice makes perfect: the more you climb, the more limber you get. After 2 years of tertiary education, I secretly suspect that some of my friends are fit to be certified as ninjas. 

Also, the last I heard, you can’t label yourself as an AC student if you haven’t scaled the back gates in pursuit of freedom at least once during the course of your JC years. You just can’t. Juniors: you better start climbing, now.

2. “Chapel sessions are mandatory”

ACJC Assembly
Ah yes, chapel sessions. Those Monday mornings where you’ve barely rubbed the sleep away from your eyes, and yet you have to sit through nearly an hour of chapel session on uncomfortable, stiff-backed chairs. Yes these sessions try to teach us values and all, and bring ACSians together as one family through the sharing sessions and speeches. But even then, most ACsians have probably gone missing from one, or two, or well, a few chapel sessions – I mean, it can’t be helped if your bladder just cannot hold your pee in and you absolutely NEED to visit the toilet in the morning, right?

Yeah. God help you – just blame it on your bladder.

3. “Be appropriately dressed for the swimming pool”

ACJC Swimming Pool
If you have the Y chromosome and if you’re heading to school on your birthday, good luck. You’ll possibly end up with a face smeared with a perfectly edible cake (sometimes if you’re lucky, you get smashed with multiple ones), or in a stinky trash can somewhere in school, or in the swimming pool while clothed in your school uniform.

Now, if you happen to be really popular amongst the school, you’ll probably end up being thrown into the swimming pool while in a trash can and with cake on your face. Yay.

Juniors: be smart and bring along an extra set of uniform when you head to school on your birthday. If you’re even going to school, of course.


So yes, these are the 3 rules which every former ACJC student has probably broken, at least once. Have I missed out on any? Let us know and feel free to share this article along to all past and present ACsians: afterall, the best is yet to be.

By Gene Lim

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