24 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas In Singapore To Surprise Your Loved Ones

Finding a birthday gift for your loved one is definitely not an easy feat. The proliferation of choices we have today surely makes finding that one perfect gift for your loved one a daunting task. Gifts from the mainstream stores often are not suited to be perfect birthday gifts as they lack the sentimental and intimate value people crave. Therefore, in this article, we have curated a list of 24 unique gifts perfect for him, her and them! 

For Him

1) Personalised T-shirt or Tote Bag – Streaks n Strokes

Come down to Streaks n Strokes for an art jamming session that allows you to create painted designs on a t-shirt or tote bag. A great way to personalise this gift for your boyfriend, spouse or even your child is to paint his favourite football team, superhero, or cartoon character on the t-shirt! The design you paint won’t come off. 

New to art?

Streaks n Strokes offers designer stencils, so you don’t even need to draw before you start painting!

Price: $29.90/pax

Items you can paint on: T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Baby Rompers

Contact: Whatsapp – (+65) 8587 8884 or email – hello@streaksnstrokes.com

Location: Streaks n Strokes – 29 Tai Seng Avenue #06-09, Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub, Singapore 534119

For more information, visit https://www.streaksnstrokes.com/

2) Leather Crafting Workshop – SemiColon Works

Participate in a Leather Crafting Workshop with your loved one and experience something new! Learn leather cutting and a variety of stitching techniques! At the end of the workshop, take home either a personalised leather pencil case or cardholder. 

Price: $150 for 2 pax

Contact: Phone – +65 9190 7408

Location: 116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House, #05-03, S188972

For more information, visit https://semicolon.works/product/leather-cardholder-workshop/

3) Leather Products – The Gold Press

If the previous suggestion seemed too time consuming, a great alternative is to gift your loved one customised leather products such as keychains, card holders and lanyards. This is a classy gift for a stylish birthday girl or boy!

Price: Depends on request

Contact: Email – hello@thegoldpress.com

For more information, visit https://thegoldpress.com/shop/

4) Personalised Passport Cover and Luggage Tag – The Imprint

If your loved one is consumed by wanderlust, a perfect birthday gift would be a personalised passport cover and luggage tag! Customise the passport cover and luggage tag with their name on it! Veteran globetrotters will love this trendy and aesthetic gift that will enable them to snap some scenic shots with the customised passport in their hand against the backdrop of the airplane window.

Price: Depends on request

Contact: https://www.theimprint.sg/pages/contact-us 

For more information, visit https://www.theimprint.sg/collections/personalise

5) Geometric Stationery Holder Workshop – Concrete Everything

This unique Geometric Stationery Holder is made of Concrete! Attend the 3 hour workshop and experience working with concrete to create a unique stationery holder. You will learn the basics of mold making, casting and treating your unique pieces of art. Besides, this is a great bonding session for you and your loved one.

Price: $75 per pax

Location:  Level 6 Vanguard Campus, 1 Kallang Jct, 339263

For more information, visit https://concrete-everything.com/collections/studio-workshops/products/geometric-stationary-holder

6) Watch – Daniel Wellington

This is a great birthday gift for your husband or boyfriend! The Daniel Wellington watches are extremely classy and it is a timeless piece that anyone will appreciate to add to their collection!

Price: $279 onwards

For more information, visit https://www.danielwellington.com/sg/mens-watches/

7) Personalised Cufflinks

Cufflinks are essential to complete any male professional attire. For working professionals, this personalised cufflinks is a perfect birthday gift! Include your loved one’s initials to the cufflinks and add a tingle of fun in formal attire!

Price: $65.95

For more information, visit https://giftslessordinary.com/classic-knot-cufflinks-001353

8) Personalised Wine Cooler

Does your loved one throw cool parties or celebrations? Is there good wine involved in these parties? Then a personalised wine cooler is the perfect gift for your Dad, husband or boyfriend! Besides the wine bottles being kept in ice cold style, the wine cooler will be a unique talking point with your loved one’s guests!

For Her

9) Streaks n Strokes – Mini Painters Fun Pack

Surprise her with a mini painters fun pack, where she can paint her own t-shirt or tote bag along with you. As a free designer stencil is included in this fun pack, no art experience is required before you can paint your own t-shirt or tote bag. 

The best part?

You can get her to wear the painted t-shirt on, and take a picture with her after she paints!

Price: $49.90

Contact: Whatsapp – (+65) 8587 8884 or email – hello@streaksnstrokes.com

Location: Streaks n Strokes – 29 Tai Seng Avenue #06-09, Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub, Singapore 534119

For more information, visit https://www.streaksnstrokes.com/collections/gifts-and-kits/products/mini-painter-fun-pack

10) EZ Link Charms

For City dwellers, an EZ Link Charm is a practical and cute birthday gift! Make the mundane daily commute to work a tat bit colourful by getting your loved one an EZ Link Charm in their favourite cartoon character or superhero! From an Iron man to a Hello Kitty, the options in between are countless and there will sure be a charm that speaks to your loved one’s personality and liking! 

Price: $20 onwards

For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/ezlinksg/?hl=en

11) Build-A-Bear Workshop

I am sure that you have heard of Build-A-Bear. As a child, everyone wanted a custom bear from the Build-A-Bear Factory. Only the fortunate ones had the privilege of creating a teddy from scratch! Fulfil your loved ones’ childhood dreams by gifting them an opportunity to build their dream teddy bear at Build-A-Bear!

Price: $19 onwards

Location: Plaza Singapura #03-04 and 3 Gateway Drive #04-15

For more information, visit http://buildabear.com.sg/contact-us/

12) SO AM I – minimalistic jewellery

Looking for a customisable, yet not cheesy looking jewellery? Quit searching! SO AM I offers the classiest looking minimalistic jewellery. Customise them to your preference. Add your loved one’s favourite saying on a bracelet or design a pendant that you think would suit your loved one’s personality and style!

Price: Depends on request

Contact: support@soami.co.

For more information, visit https://www.soami.co/

13) Lovage – Birthday card

Instead of the plain and simple store-bought birthday card, you can check out the hand drawn and customisable birthday cards at Lovage! Lovage offers cool illustrations that can be tailored to your loved one’s tastes! So to create a birthday card that will not be chucked away for good, head over to Lovage to get your loved one a personalised and aesthetic card!

Price: Depends on request

Contact: hello@tiffanylovage.com

For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/lovage/?hl=en

14) Flower Vase Workshop – Concrete Everything

The Flower Vase Workshop is offered by the same organisation as the gift listed above, so they only work with concrete! But this workshop enables you to create a Flower Vase! This is a great alternative to the stationery holder!

Price: $70 per pax

Location:  Level 6 Vanguard Campus, 1 Kallang Jct, 339263

For more information, visit https://concrete-everything.com/collections/studio-workshops

15) Photo wall

Another cool homemade birthday gift will be a photo wall that can be a permanent feature in your loved one’s bedroom. Collect polaroid photographs of your loved one with his/her friends and family. Get some craft material from a local store and start creating this feature wall in your loved one’s room! But do ensure that this photo wall is detachable, so that it not be destroyed if your loved one decides to redecorate his/her room!

Price: A lot of man hours!

For inspiration, visit https://www.photojaanic.com/blog/easy-photo-wall-ideas

16) Classy dresses

A staple in every woman’s closet is a real classy and versatile dress! So get your wife or girlfriend a stylish new outfit and take them out to a lovely birthday dinner in their new fit! Be sure to get their correct sizes and go-to styles when picking their outfit!

Price: $40 onwards

For more information, visit https://www.lovebonito.com/

For Him and Her

17) Clayart Sculptures

ClayArt Sculptures offers personalised clay sculptures that are hyper realistic. The Look-A-Like package enables you to create clay sculptures that look like your loved one. This is a fun and quirky gift that is sure to make the birthday girl or boy crack up! Your loved one is surely to treasure this eccentric gift for years to come.

Price: $250 onwards

Contact: info@clayartouch.com.sg 

For more information, visit  http://clayartouch.com.sg/

18) Miniature Garden Workshop for Two by The Plant Story 

Create a beautiful terrarium at the Miniature Garden Workshop! This hour long workshop teaches you to create a miniature garden that you get to keep at the end of the workshop. Create fond memories with your loved one while making an aesthetic miniature garden that will be a great addition to a home. This is surely a great gift for urbanites with a busy schedule as the miniature garden is aesthetically pleasing yet easy enough for first time gardeners to adopt.

Price: $200 for 2 pax

Contact:Call – +65 97220438

Location: Exact address will be provided upon confirmation of booking

For more information, visit http://www.theplantstory.com/workshops/miniature-garden-workshop/

19) Mbossed Custom Plates

Custom plates from Mbossed is another fun way to commemorate someone’s birthday! This offbeat gift will stand out as it will be highly personalised and customised to the birthday girl or boy! This gift serves as a great decorative piece one can hang on walls or place on windows! Have fun with the designs and create something that reflects your loved one’s aesthetic and personality!

Price: Depends on request

Contact: Email – ask@mbossed.com

For more information, visit http://www.mbossed.com/

20) Batik Painting Workshop – Kamal’s Artshop

If both you and your loved one are on Wednesdays, participate in the 2 hour openstudio Batik Painting Workshop! This is a great birthday gift idea for those who are on a tight budget! This workshop offers an interesting experience to its participants! Participants will be introduced to the history of batik that relates to the South East Asian heritage, its traditional methods and be guided on the proper use of tools like the ‘tjanting’ and dye​ing. Be sure to check this cool and budget-friendly activity out!

Price: $20 per pax

Contact: Call – 63443369

Location: Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk E #03-31, Singapore 439053

For more information, visit http://kamaldollah.com/batik/

21) Adult Colouring Book

An adult colouring book is a creative and fun birthday gift idea for a loved one who is overwhelmed by work and its stresses! It is easy to find enough time in a day to rest and relax from the hectic pace of life. So the colouring book is a great option for those pressed for time to take 10 minutes off a day to relax and do something creative and fun. It is a practical and fun gift that is sure to bring joy to your loved one!

Price: $12.55 

Location: Kinokuniya outlets Singapore-wide

For more information, visit https://singapore.kinokuniya.com/bw/9781782431534

22) Macaron Class for Two – Creative Culinaire the School

Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? This gift is ideal for dessert lovers with a passion for baking! This 4 hour hands-on Macaron making session teaches the secrets of making the classic macaron using readily available ingredients (ingredients from your local supermarket) and simplified techniques. Take home the lovely macarons you spent the afternoon creating! What’s more? Enjoy a complimentary beverage at Caffe Pralet with your macarons! 

Price: $130 for 2 pax

Contact: Phone – 63241663

Location: 17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-04 Eng Hoon Mansions, Singapore 169767  

For more information, visit http://creativeculinaire.com.sg/courses/category/skillsfuture-approved-course/list/?tribe_paged=1&tribe_event_display=list&tribe-bar-search=skillsfuture

23) Birthday Wine Hamper

Who doesn’t love wine and a night in with some netflix classics? This is a great birthday gift for anyone who is a homebody! Just snuggle up with your loved one with a bottle of Moet by your side and Brooklyn 99 on your screen! A great birthday gift for working adults with a passion for at home surprises!

24) Personalised Water Bottle

Purchase a personalised stainless steel chrome water bottle for your loved one for their birthday! This chic gift is made of sturdy stainless steel and it keeps your beverage cold for longer! There can’t be any other birthday gift that is more practical for residents of this sunny-island!