10 Fundraising Activities for your Fundraising Events

10 Fundraising Activities for your Fundraising Events

Have a fundraising event coming up soon and feel like you may need to bounce your ideas off somewhere?

We’ve compiled 10 fundraising ideas/categories of activities that you can potentially utilize. The best part is that you can mix and match many of these ideas to get the best of both worlds!

1. Sell Hand-Painted T-Shirts & Tote Bags

In any fundraising initiative, people are moved by the amount of effort and sincerity put into it. Well, what better way to express your sincerity for the cause than to actually design the products that you are selling?

painted totebag plants

In comes Streaks n Strokes to save the day! They are an art company that offers free tutorial videos which guide you on how to paint awesome designs on t-shirts and tote bags. Designs range from cute plants, to fast food and bubble tea, and even adorable puppies! With so many designs to choose from, you can be assured that the t-shirts and totes you sell will attract a wide array of customers.

mini painter fun pack

If you would like to sell your own hand-made creations (plus have fun painting and designing them), simply purchase their painting kits which contain all the supplies needed. You even stand to enjoy a special discount if you make a bulk order of painting kits! Contact Streaks n Strokes if you would like to work with them for your next fundraising event and impress the crowd with exclusively designed products. 

2. World Record Fundraising

Now, setting the World Record in anything sounds scary but that really depends on what you’re trying to set a record in. A mother attempted to raise funds for her daughter’s surgery through breaking the number of fairies gathering (wearing a tutu, wand and wings!).


What makes this the perfect fundraising activity is that setting a world record becomes an attractive goal which can bring in many people to the event. The large amount of people is also likely to attract extensive publicity.

While one can choose to break a silly record, the record could be directly related to your fundraising aim. For example, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (FYI: Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft) enlisted the help of pharmaceutical companies to deliver the largest amount of medication in 24 hours. As such, this event can simultaneously raise money for your cause, raise awareness and also be meaningful!

3. Share Their Story


People often don’t feel compelled to donate because it seems like they are not making a difference. Bridge that gap by sharing stories from your project and allow people to understand your project at a more personal level.

4. Services

Donations don’t always have to be exchanged for products but in this case, services.


For fundraising events undertaken by students, services offered could be car washing or dog walking.

But that’s not all, skill-based services could be exchanged for donations. Find participants who are willing to put in the time and volunteer their skill for a good cause. It could be website creation, marketing or even tutoring!

5. Selling Event Promotional Products

This classic fundraising tactic generates funds from selling the product, whose design indicate the events’ cause.


Think of the famed Pink Ribbon project, which has produced many projects and products.


But that’s not all, skill-based services could be exchanged for donations. Find participants who are willing to put in the time and volunteer their skill for a good cause. It could be website creation, marketing or even tutoring!


Or the shirt Famine Camp, where participants fast for the 30 hours camp to empathize and raise awareness for scarcity and poverty.

6. Gaming

We’ve all had our arcade days and if you’re at least a 90s kid, you know what I’m talking about.


In the days before internet or computers, we all ran here after school because how else are we going to get that thrill?


Now, with Wii games or even Virtual Reality, games have kicked up a notch. It’s also even more fun when it’s the entire group playing (where are the Rock Band and Guitar Hero fans??).

Tap into the inner kids in all of us by setting up a gaming station and simply charge by the hour – people are sure to flock to it!

7. Take Advantage of Festivities

We’ve all been in a situation where we forgot to get a gift on a special occasion.


Somehow, we can always rely on those booths along our school corridors to be selling flowers, balloons or cards to raise funds for their project.

8. Food

carnival street food


There must be a reason why there are memes and entire Facebook or Instagram pages simply dedicated to food. The reason is that food is good for the soul. Nursing a heartbreak? Eat some chocolates (I’m not lying, this is scientifically proven to boost happiness levels)! Need to destress in front of the television? Reach for that tub of ice cream. So if you need to fundraise? Sell delicious food!

9. Betting


While your first thought may be gambling, it isn’t exactly so. Fundraising through betting is basically Fear Factor but on a smaller scale. Dare your friend or your colleague to do something – be it being dunked or going vegetarian for the week and pay up when the challenge is completed!

10. Move That Body!


The fitspo dream is something we all innately harbour.

Tapping on that, having classes like crossfit, yoga or pilates are likely to draw a crowd.

Feeling inspired now and ready to take action? Make your fundraising event one for the books by trying out our suggestions!

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