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Are you looking for cheap t-shirt printing services in Singapore? Then you have come to the right place! We can print your designs on your favourite material, colour and type of t shirt using any t-shirt printing method that you would like.

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Pricing Table for Silk Screen Printing of T-Shirts

This pricing table is only a rough gauge of the pricing for specific order quantities and designs. Pricing may vary based on the:

  • Size of your design.
  • Colours in your design.
  • Exact Quantity of your T-Shirts.
  • Sides of Printing.
  • Material of T-shirt.

We also have seasonal t-shirt printing promotions and discounts that will allow you to print at lower prices.

So contact us now to get a more accurate quote in less than 24 hours. Don’t have a design yet? We can design for you for free if you print with us!

T Shirt Printing Pricing Table

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Here are the different t-shirt materials we offer and colours we have. Mainly, 100% polyester t shirts (Dri fit t shirts) and 100% cotton t shirts. The material you choose will affect your comfort level when wearing the tees. And the colours you choose will affect the impression your tees make. So choose them carefully!

Dri Fit T-Shirts and Colours Available

T-Shirt Printing Size Chart

100% Cotton T-Shirts and Colours Available

T-Shirt Printing Size Chart 2

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Our T-Shirt Design Portfolio

You can design your T-Shirt for free if you print with us!

T-Shirt Printing Methods

We offer the widest range of t shirt printing methods available in the market. These methods include:


Silk Screen Printing

  • Silk Screen Printing is the most commonly used t-shirt printing method by schools and organizations.
  • It is ideal for printing a design of about 1 to 3 solid colours on any material.
  • Silk Screen Printing is the most economical for printing bulk quantities of t shirts.

Heat Transfer Printing

  • Heat Transfer Printing is most popular for printing colourful designs on any types of tees.
  • It creates a thin vinyl sticker layer on top of your t shirt.
  • Heat Transfer t shirt printing is more economical for very small quantities.
  • Heat Transfer Printing is most commonly used for Mug Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

  • Dye Sublimation Printing is the least popular in Singapore as many printers do not offer this type of printing.
  • Dye Sublimation Printing is only used for printing on white dri fit tees.
  • Colourful Designs may be printed for no extra cost with dye sublimation printing.

DTG Printing

  • DTG Printing is very popular for complex photo designs and colourfully designed tees.
  • DTG Printing can only be done perfectly on white or black cotton tees.
  • DTG Printing can be expensive due to high cost of equipment and consumables.


  • Embroidery is most commonly used on polo tees.
  • Embroidering of logos is often done to create a sense of professionalism by companies.
  • Full colour designs can be embroidered as long as they are not too complex and big.

As for the type of t-shirts, we offer everything from polo t shirts to cool jerseys. What’s more. We don’t just provide printing services for your t-shirts but free professional designing services as well! Still can’t find a tee you are looking for? Drop us an email at admin@thenoteway.com and we will get back to you right away!