Products We Print On

At The Noteway, we print on a wide range of apparel and accessories. The quality of our products and printing services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer everything ranging from t shirt printing services to even notebook printing services. Also, The Noteway’s top notch designing services are provided completely free of charge for bulk orders with us.

Heat Transfer Print on T-shirts in Singapore

100% Cotton & Dri fit T-shirts

One of our most popular printing services. Our clients just love to print their designs on 100% Cotton and Dri fit T-shirts! Through daily apparel items like t-shirts, you can confidently express your ideas and affiliations on them through your designs. You also get to choose from a wide range of colors and sizes we offer as part of our t-shirt printing service.

Traditionally, cotton is the primary choice for those that enjoy the soft, supple feeling quality cotton provides. However, The Noteway’s high-quality Dri Fit T-shirts not only offer the comfort of cotton without the warmth. They also allow any perspiration to readily evaporate while still maintaining a dry feeling T-shirt.

Silk Screen Print on Jianhao Tan Hoodies in Singapore

Hoodies with or without Zip

We also print on both hoodies with zips and without zips. Each type has its own unique qualities. Pullovers provide great comfort and warmth and do not bunch up in the stomach area when you are sitting down. Hoodies with zippers are easier to put on or take off, do not mess your hair up, and don’t require you to completely take them off if you get too warm. Just unzip it.

Most importantly, both our hoodies are made from a mix of premium quality cotton and polyester which will provide you with much warmth and comfort. If you need to print on varsity jackets or mid gloss jackets, we have them too! So let The Noteway handle the production of your trendy, classy hoodies quickly and effortlessly.

Print on Polo T Shirts in Singapore

100% Cotton & Dri fit Polo Shirts

Just like our regular cotton and Dri fit T-shirts, we also offer various materials, colours and sizing options for Polo shirt printing services. Polo shirts give you a more professional image as compared to regular tees. This is why golfers, athletes and executives who want to maintain a professional, business-casual image find them particularly useful in hot environments. The Noteway polo shirt printing service offers 100% cotton polo shirts as well as blended and dri fit polo shirts.

Silk Screen Print on Aprons in Singapore


Aprons are essential for food stalls and kitchens in restaurants to prevent ugly stains from getting on to your clothes. Our stylish aprons are made of cooling and comfortable polyester materials that will ensure you don’t feel sticky while cooking. What’s more. We have both full aprons and waist aprons for you to choose from in many different colours! Don’t have a design to print on your apron yet? We can even design your apron for you for free.

Print on Notebooks

Notebooks and Diaries

You can also print with The Noteway on notebooks and diaries the way you want them. Whether it is through silk screen printing or embossing, we can customize them for you with a design to perfectly suit the image you want to project. Our trained staff will help ensure your order is produced to fit your needs whether it is for your office, school, cca or gift shop.


Print on Mugs in Singapore


Our mugs can be customized for any particular need that you have. Our low priced, high quality customizable mug printing service is a wonderful way to promote your organization, school, cca or event. Nothing conveys your organization’s branding more easily than a room fully equipped with custom mugs printed with your organization’s logo and colours. Additionally, we review every design and mug we help you produce to ensure total satisfaction!