Notebooks – Our Flagship Product

The Noteway started of as a company selling only customisable notebooks at its initial stages. Today, it may have evolved into a designing and printing services company for everything ranging from T shirts to even Tote Bags and Mugs, but our flagship product, notebooks, will surely remain our strength in the years to come.

The Noteway is proud to be one of the few companies in Singapore offering a wide range of notebook customisation options for our clients. Different customisation options are suited for different kinds of notebooks. So let us begin with the notebooks you can customise on!

Colourful PP Notebooks (Product Currently Discontinued)

* Our PP Notebooks are currently unavailable. 

Our PP Notebooks come in many different colours and 2 sizes! Here are the colours, sizes and other details you will want to know about our PP Notebooks.

Material of Cover: PP

Size of Small PP Notebook: 104mm X 82mm

Size of Big PP Notebook: 150mm x 105mm

Number of pages of Small PP Notebook: 120 (60 Sheets)

Number of pages of Big PP Notebook: 160 (80 Sheets)

GSM of Paper within Notebook: 80 gsm

Type of Printing Notebook is Suitable for: Silk Screen Printing

Cost: Low Cost for big bulk quantities

Colour of Notebooks: Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red, Purple (Displayed Below)

The Silk Screen Printing process involves the creation of a stencil which is fixed on to the frame. Only the areas not blocked by this stencil will receive ink, allowing ink to be deposited on to the notebooks according to the design being printed. As silk screen printing requires a stencil to be created for every design that requires to be silk screen printed, and the cost of making these stencils is not cheap, silk screen printing is usually recommended for larger quantities.

Full Black PP/Paperboard Notebooks (Product Currently Discontinued)

Material of Cover: PP or Paperboard (Cardboard Material)

Size of Notebook: Standard A5, 148mm X 210mm

Number of pages: 140 (70 Sheets)

GSM of Paper within Notebook: 80 gsm

Type of Printing Notebook is Suitable for: Foil Printing (Gold or Silver for Shiny Effect)

Cost: Higher Cost than Silk Screen Printing on Colourful PP Notebooks

Colour of Notebooks: Full Black (Displayed Below)

HSS Black PP Notebook Printing with Gold Foiling

Foiling involves the application of pigments or metallic foils to create gold and silver prints on your notebooks. A heated die is then stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface and leaving the design of the die permanently on the paper. This method is strongly recommended by us if you wish to achieve shiny gold or silver prints on your notebooks.

PU Leather Premium Notebooks

PU Leather gives your notebook cover a premium diary feel. It is very stiff and durable. Our PU notebooks come in various different colours as well.

Material of Cover: PU

Size of Notebook: 215mm X 148mm

Number of pages: 200 pages (100 Sheets)

GSM of Paper within Notebook: 80 gsm

Type of printing notebook is suitable for: Debossing

Cost: Highest Cost

Colour of Notebooks: Cool Brown, Dark Brown, Grey

Debossing is used to create sunken designs on the notebook cover. Debossing is also the only notebook printing method that gives your notebook a really premium feel. Hence, this premium notebook and printing method is suitable mainly for large MNCs and professional events.

Notebook Printing with Deboss Effect

If you can’t find a type of notebook you’re looking for, drop us an email at and our friendly professionals will get back to you!

Notebook Printing and Customisation can only be done in large quantities above 50

Yes. Even cotton or dri fit t-shirt printing services, and jersey printing services can start at quantities as low as 5. But for notebook printing, it is different as it is a lot more tedious.

Besides, some companies and organisations prefer to customise their notebooks from scratch without using available types of notebooks as presented above. For example, they want to customise everything from the cover of the notebooks, to the printing, binding, and pages within the notebooks. This is possible! However, such customisation from scratch can only be done in quantities above 500.

Finally, if you do not have your design for your notebook yet, do not worry! The Noteway provides free designing services to all our clients who print with us.

ACJC Black PP Ring Notebook

Want us to help you design? Or still not sure which type of notebook and notebook printing would be most suitable for your organization? Consult us at and our professionals will get back to you in no time!

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