Mug Printing

Personalized mugs make great gifts and even better promo products. The Noteway offers a variety of mug printing options for our clients in Singapore. We can provide you with printed mugs that will definitely be appreciated due to their quality and design.

Types of Mugs

First of all, you will need to decide on the type of mug you want to use. The most popular options are ceramic, magic, and metallic mugs. Each has its own pros and cons that you’ll need to take into account.

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Ceramic Mugs


  • Feels solid in your hand
  • Safe as there is no chemical leach-out from ceramics
  • Affordable
  • Great material for custom printing (Easy to customize)
  • Can be heated up in a microwave oven


  • Can shatter if it falls



Magic Mugs (Ceramic Material Too)

Magic mugs are great fun as they allow the creation of some very clever heat and reveal designs.  These mugs are special because the colour of the mugs themselves can be changed from one colour to another when hot water is poured. For example, if a black mug with a black print is cold, it looks completely black. However, when it heats up after being filled with hot liquid, the mug will turn white “revealing” the black print.


  • Allows for fun design options
  • Stands out and draws lots of attention
  • Makes great merchandise that is also easy to customize
  • Feels solid in your hand
  • Safe as there is no chemical leach-out from ceramics
  • Can be heated up in a microwave oven


  • Special color-changing effect may fade with time

Metal Mugs


  • Good heat retention
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t feel like a real mug in your hand
  • Bad for hot drinks as ionization may change the taste of your drink
  • Can be a health hazard in the long term
  • The quality of printing on metal is lower
  • Limited customization options
  • Thin metallic mugs lose heat very fast

Mug Printing Technologies

As The Noteway offers a wide range of printing services, we use different technologies to transfer prints on various items. Each method has some special strengths and weaknesses when applied to different materials. For example, if you are printing on diaries, embossing is the best printing method to use. And when it comes to mug printing, the best technology to use would definitely be heat transfer.

Heat transfer is the oldest method for mug printing and it remains the best even despite the fact that some new technologies were invented in the last few years. It’s most efficient for ceramic mug printing as the quality of the prints on this material is exceptionally high. This printing process does not only provide colorful beautiful prints but it’s affordable as well. The printing costs will be low regardless of how many mugs you order, which allows us to offer printed mugs at very attractive prices.

Do you wonder what exactly makes heat transfer the best printing method for mugs? We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons:

  • Quick and convenient printing method
  • Affordable
  • Prints are very durable
  • Best method for high-quality multi-colored prints
  • Prints are permanent and cannot be damaged by washing and scrubbing the mug
  • Prints don’t fade

The Noteway prides itself in delivering the highest-quality prints on a variety of products. We use professional mug printing materials and equipment to provide you with mugs that will meet all your requirements. We also guarantee that our prices will be one of the lowest you can find in the market whether for mug printing or any other printing, because at The Noteway, your way is our way.