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Jerseys are a great type of shirt for any weather as they are designed for comfort. And with how hot Singapore can get, what better way to keep you dry outdoors than wearing Jerseys! Though Jerseys are most often used by sports teams, they are also increasingly worn by individuals as a casual outfit. So here are some reasons why you might want to get your Jersey Printing done.

  • Jerseys are highly efficient in moving sweat away from the body to the fabric surface, where it evaporates.
  • Jerseys don’t get wet and sticky, hence keeping the sports players comfortable and dry.
  • Sports uniform jerseys can depict the team’s or/and athlete’s name as well as their team number.
  • Jerseys that include sponsor logos can even be used for marketing purposes for companies.

In fact, every major sports team today has at least one type of jersey in its merchandise arsenal. As this type of shirt is extremely popular, even companies that have nothing to do with sports sometimes use printed jerseys for promotions. Jerseys differ in colors, types, and materials and you will need to consider these factors when doing your jersey printing.

Table Tennis Team wearing Customised Jerseys


Team from Singapore National Table Tennis League 2017 Donning The Noteway’s latest Fancy Round Neck Jerseys.

Yes. It’s so good you can even wear it on it’s own – without any Printing on the jersey itself!

Jersey Terms

Before you do your custom jersey printing, you will need to take note of the type of jersey you want. And to decide on your type of Jersey, it will be good for you to understand certain terms used in jersey printing.

For example,  Piping refers to the different colored lining that sticks out from the jersey slightly. The piping highlights the cutting near the sleeve and edges of the t shirt as shown in the diagram below.

Panels refer to the small areas of another colour enclosed by the piping. Below is an image of an Orange Jersey with a Black Piping and White Panels for illustration purposes.

Jersey with Piping and Panels

Jersey Printing With Us

Are you looking for high quality jersey printing services in Singapore?

We can print your designs at low prices on your favourite type of jersey, using any jersey printing method that you would like.

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Design for FREE using our T-Shirt Design Lab. We have 3000+ Clip arts and fonts for you to create awesome, stunning designs. We can later help you transfer your design from the t-shirt to your favourite jersey type, and print it for you!

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Jersey Printing Singapore Men



Team from Statoil Asia Pacific Pte Limited wearing the golf jerseys printed for their golf trip, which was part of an annual weekend away for them.  

What’s more admirable is that this company does a charity drive during its tours. And this year(2017) it raised more than 800008 thb for an orphanage in chiang mai.

What others say about our T-Shirt and Jersey Printing Services

Jersey Print Review 1
Jersey Print Review 2

Pricing for Jersey Printing

Pricing of Jerseys may vary based on the:

  • Type of Jersey (Fancy Collared Jerseys, Fancy Round Neck Jerseys)
  • Size of your design.
  • Colours in your design.
  • Exact Quantity of Jerseys you want to print.
  • Number of Sides You Print(Front only, Front and Back…)

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Types of Jerseys

Jersey Types may vary widely. But mainly Jerseys can be categorised into 3 types of Jerseys:

  1. Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys (These Jersey Types are displayed in the subsequent sections.)
  2. Fancy Round Neck Dri Fit Jerseys (These Jersey Types are displayed in the subsequent sections.)
  3. Plain Jerseys (These Jersey Types also known as Dri Fit Polo Tees are displayed in our Polo Tee Page Here.)

For sports jersey printing, both fancy collared dri fit jerseys and fancy round neck dri fit jerseys are commonly used. But there are certain sports that prefer to have certain types of jerseys.

Soccer Players buying Soccer Jerseys often prefer fancy round neck dri fit jerseys.

Netball Players buying Netball Jerseys also like fancy round neck dri fit jerseys more. This is indeed generally the trend for most outdoor sports.

Sportsmen playing indoor sports like badminton and table tennis generally like to buy fancy collared dri fit jerseys. Our QD37 Fancy Collared Jerseys, for example, has been really popular for Table Tennis Jerseys.

Basketball Players on the other hand, like to have Basketball Jerseys which are tailored like singlets.

Collared Table Tennis Jersey Printing
Round Neck Table Tennis Jersey Printing

Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys

QD33 Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys

QD37 Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys

QD39 Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys

QD44 Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys

QD45 Fancy Collared Dri Fit Jerseys

Dri Fit Jersey Printing Sizing Chart

Fancy Round Neck Dri Fit Jerseys

QD 36 Fancy Round Neck Dri Fit Jerseys

QD38 Fancy Round Neck Dri Fit Jerseys

Jersey Features

Jersey Materials

The material is an important consideration as it determines how comfortable your jersey will be. Jerseys are commonly made from 100% polyester just like aprons. The other less popular material used for Jerseys are polyester and cotton blends. Both types of materials do not shrink, stain or wrinkle unlike cotton and are also durable and long lasting. Dri Fit(100% Polyester) Jerseys however, are the most popular option today. This is mainly because dri fit jerseys have extraordinary moisture wicking properties.  Listed below are some advantages of dri fit jerseys you should take note of!

Advantage of Dri-Fit Jerseys

  • Effectively wicks sweat from the body.
  • Allows for air flow.
  • Keeps you cool and dry.
  • Washing doesn’t affect the fabric’s sweat management properties.

We offer high quality dri fit jerseys for your jersey printing needs. Do check out the types of dri-fit jerseys we have, and also our sizing charts in the previous section.

Knitting of Jerseys

Interlock Jersey Printing MaterialEyelet Jersey Printing Material

Interlock fabric

The Noteway Interlock fabric is made from variation of rib knit composition. Interlock means treads are close to each other producing the tightest knit.  The final product has the smoothest surface and the finest hand. The fabric is also extremely soft, firm and absorbent which is suitable for production of soccer, basketball, badminton, basketball, table tennis and netball jersey. Due to its tight knitting, it results a superior “feel” in the jersey made using interlock fabric.


Eyelet knitting means creating many small hole in the fabric. The finishing is extremely airy and comfortable to wear which made it suitable for most sports jersey.

Jersey Printing Methods

Jersey Printing Name and NumberHeat Transfer Jersey Printing

Silk Screen Jersey Printing


  • Great for designs with one or two colors
  • Can withstand frequent machine washing
  • The print will be bright on any fabric
  • Can be ironed


  • Expensive, especially for small quantity orders with many colours


Heat Transfer Jersey Printing


  • Good for prints with many colors
  • Affordable
  • Variety of ink colors allow great design flexibility


  • The prints aren’t very durable
  • Prints may fade or wear off after frequent washing

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