Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing, sometimes also known as Iron-on heat transfers, is often popular when it comes to class tee printing. This is because it allows for easy customisation of tees, as well as printing in multiple colours at low costs for small quantities. Heat Transfer Printing is usually done by printing on a heat transfer medium. For example, this medium could be a heat transfer paper or a vinyl-rubber type material. A reverse image of the artwork has to be first printed onto the film side of the heat transfer medium.

After this is done, heat is used to transfer the design on the heat transfer medium onto your t shirt or hoodie. You will then be able to feel this vinyl material on the surface your t shirt or hoodie.

Heat Transfer Printing
Heat Transfer Printing
Heat Transfer by Heat Press
Heat Transfer Printed Tee

Heat Transfer Printing – Pointers to Take Note

Heat transfer, when done using a home iron, will be inferior in quality to heat transfer printing done using a commercial heat press. Some people do like the design sticking out on the surface of the tee, rather than the design being imprinted within the fabric of the tees.

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Advantages of Heat Transfer Printing

  • Heat Transfer can be used on 100% cotton tees, mixed fabrics as well as dry fit tees.
  • This printing method can be processed quickly for small quantities, saving on your time and money.
  • This printing method allows for individual customisation with different names on each t shirt or hoodie.
  • Heat Transfer is the most economical for orders in small quantities.
  • This printing method allows multiple colour designs to be printed at no extra cost.
Heat Transfer Printed Tees

Disadvantages of Heat Transfer Printing

  • It can fade away with time if used and washed too frequently.
  • Heat Transfer¬†yields poor quality results when transferred using home irons. Hence, commercial heat press with commercial quality heat transfer paper should be used to ensure durability.
  • Heat Transfer Printing may¬†not be suitable for certain types of large designs because of the vinyl sticker layer over the tee.

At The Noteway, we use industrial grade media and equipment imported from Europe to ensure the highest quality of heat transfer printing possible. In addition to this, we offer completely free professional designing services if you choose to print with us!