DTG Printing

DTG Printing (Direct To Garment Printing), which is sometimes referred to as direct print and digital sublimation printing will transfer designs onto textile surfaces using specialized inkjet technology. It requires inks that match the material that is to be printed upon, which is usually 100% cotton. Direct To Garment Printing on apparel requires the fabric to go through a heat press to heat-cure the ink. In fact, DTG Printing is known as Direct To Garment Printing because of this process mentioned above which eliminates any transfer medium!

DTG Printing – Pointers to Take Note

DTG Printing allows you to print colourful photos and complex patterns on your white or black cotton garments. Even designs that have gradient colors are perfect for Direct To Garment printing. Extra procedures and resources are required for clear DTG print on black tees. Hence, direct to garment printing can be nearly twice as expensive on black tees as compared to white tees. Direct To Garment printing is also often confused with dye sublimation printing in that computers are used for designs.

DTG Printing

Advantages of DTG Printing

  • DTG Printing is environmentally friendly as water based inks are used. It also reduces wastage as there is no transfer paper or medium used.
  • Direct To Garment Printing works perfectly with gradient colours unlike silk screen printing.
  • Printing multiple colours does not increase cost of Direct To Garment Printing.
  • Direct To Garment Printing captures every detail in your design in high resolution.

Disadvantages of DTG Printing

  • Direct To Garment Printing can be done effectively only on white or black coloured cotton materials.
  • DTG Printing is Expensive. This is because the printing environment has to be carefully controlled. Also, cost of equipment and consumables such as ink are really high.
  • DTG Printing is more prone to fading in the long run as compared to other types of printing. This is because of the water based inks used. Using gentle mode, water only washes in washing machines or hand washing will help to avoid this.
  • DTG Printing is a very slow process, and way slower if you are printing on black tees instead of white tees.
  • Exact Colour Matching is also difficult with Direct To Garment printing.
DTG Print on Tshirt

Whether you are looking to use Direct To Garment Printing to print your class tees or corporate tees, feel free to contact us! Because at The Noteway, we provide high quality direct to garment printing at affordable prices. And whats more. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free designing services if you are printing with us as well!