DTG Printing

1. What is Direct To Garment Printing?

DTG Printing (Direct To Garment Printing), which is sometimes referred to as direct print and digital sublimation printing, will transfer designs onto textile surfaces using specialised inkjet technology. It requires inks that match the material that is to be printed upon, which is usually 100% cotton. Direct To Garment Printing on apparel requires the fabric to go through a heat press to heat-cure the ink. In fact, DTG Printing is known as Direct To Garment Printing because of this process mentioned above which eliminates any transfer medium!

2. What are the Advantage and Disadvantages of DTG Printing?

Advantages of DTG Printing

  • DTG Printing is environmentally friendly as water based inks are used. It also reduces wastage as there is no transfer paper or medium used.
  • Direct To Garment Printing works perfectly with gradient colours unlike silk screen printing.
  • Printing multiple colours does not increase cost of Direct To Garment Printing.
  • Direct To Garment Printing captures every detail in your design in high resolution.

Disadvantages of DTG Printing

  • Direct To Garment Printing can be done effectively only on cotton materials.
  • DTG Printing is Expensive and Not the Most Economical in Large Quantities like Silk Screen Printing. The printing environment has to be carefully controlled. Also, cost of equipment and consumables such as ink are really high.
  • White Ink Used in DTG Printing on dark garments is extremely expensive.
  • Exact Colour Matching may also be difficult with Direct To Garment printing.
DTG Print on Tshirt

3. Is Silk Screen Printing or Direct To Garment Digital Printing Better?

Silk Screen Printer
DTG Printing

Both Silk Screen Printing and DTG Printing are high quality methods of printing available in the market today. However, Silk Screen Printing is Better for less colours/shades and larger quantities. Direct To Garment Printing, also known as DTG Printing is better for more colours/shades and smaller quantities.

4. How Can I Do DTG Printing? (Step by Step)

a) Prepare your Artwork, and position your artwork on your DTG Print Driver. 

b) Pre Treat The T-Shirt with a Pre Treatment Machine or Pre Treatment Spray.

c) Dry the Pre Treated Shirt on a Heat Press. 

d) Load and Print The T-Shirt.

e) Printer will usually print the White Ink Layer first and then the CMYK Colour Inks onto dark garments.

g) Cure the printed garment with a Heat Press.

5. Where can I find Direct To Garment Printing Companies in Singapore? 

There aren’t many direct to garment printing companies in Singapore, due to the high costs of machines and supplies(E.g. Ink) involved. The Noteway is one of the few direct to garment printing companies in Singapore providing high quality Direct To Garment T-Shirt Printing at low prices.

Whether you are looking to use Direct To Garment Printing to print your class tees or corporate tees, feel free to contact us! Because at The Noteway, we provide high quality direct to garment printing at affordable prices.

However, The Noteway mainly provides Direct To Garment T Shirt Printing for white or light t shirts, which would not require the use of any white ink. 

6.  What are the Direct To Garment T Shirt Printing Prices at The Noteway?

For 1 Piece of White T-Shirt with 1 Side DTG Printing of any design you want, prices are as low as $39.90. This price is inclusive of Free Delivery right to your door step. And the price just gets cheaper and cheaper when you throw in just a few additional custom tees you want to print. 

Prices for Direct To Garment T Shirt Printing vary based on the:

  • Colour of t-shirt you’re printing on.(Price of printing on Coloured Tees >> White Tees)
  • Number of sides of printing.
  • Colours you are printing. (White and Special Colours are more Expensive)
  • Quantity of Tees being printed.


DTG Printed T Shirts

We mainly do Direct To Garment T Shirt Printing for No Minimum Quantity Orders of 1 to 5 White T-Shirts only. This is because DTG Printing is extremely costly for black T-Shirts, and not economical in large quantities as well.

The high pricing of DTG Printing on Dark T-Shirts and reason why we don’t usually do DTG Printing on dark tees are due to 3 key reasons:

  • Pretreatment of t-shirts is required if white ink is being used.
  • White Ink is significantly more expensive than black ink.
  • White ink settles down in the lines and clogs up the DTG printer head. Hence, a lot more time and energy is needed for maintenance of the DTG printer if white ink is used.

You can check the price for your specific print requirements with our instant price quote feature in our t-shirt printing no minimum order page. Even if you are just printing one piece of t-shirt, we provide you with a price quote instantly!

Find Out the prices of Direct To Garment T Shirt Printing with No Minimum now!

7. How do you find a Cheap Direct To Garment Printer? 

Most DTG Printers found in Singapore are not cheap and start at $16000 and more. However, at The Noteway the Price of our Artisjet 3000 Direct To Garment Printer Machine is just $14999 inclusive of:

  • Free Delivery to any location in Singapore.
  • Free Printer Set Up upon delivery of DTG Printer.
  • Free half day training to teach you how to operate your printer.
  • Free On Site Service and Repair for 1 Year (2x Servicing).
  • Free Accessories & Tools for operating and maintaining the DTG Printer. (All tools listed under the next question!)

If you would like cheaper DTG Printers that cost less than $14999, you would likely need to source for them in China. Unfortunately, many of the DTG printers sold in China lack the quality, set up and on site training. Also, many are sold by dubious companies with low quality or lack of social media channels and transparency.

8.   What are The Materials Used for DTG Printing?

Consumables used

  • DTG Printer Coloured Ink – May cost approximately $225 per Bottle (1000ml).
  • DTG Printer White Ink – May cost approximately $375 per Bottle (1000ml).


  • ArtisRIP Software V8.3.4 License (For Artisjet 3000 DTG Printer Sold by The Noteway).

Accessories and Tools

  • Standard Power Cable.
  • Data Cable USB 2.0.
  • CD with Driver, Software, Menus.
  • Ink System Cleaning Syringe. (30ML, 6 Pieces for ArtisJet Printer)
  • Ink Refill Funnel. (6 Pieces for ArtisJet Printer)

Maintenance Kit

  • Lubrication Grease. (20ML provided free by The Noteway to lubricate the machine when necessary)
  • Nonwoven Cloth Cleaning Kit. (150 Pieces provided free by The Noteway for Artisjet Printer purchases)
  • Ink Protection Gloves. (2 Pairs provided free by The Noteway for Artisjet Printer purchases)

Spare Consumables Kit

  • Spare Damper.

9.  What are the Uses of Direct To Garment Printing?

Different direct to garment printing machines have different functions and limitations. For the Artisjet 3000 DTG Printer, Direct To Garment Printing can mainly be used for printing on:

  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Ties
  • Personalized footwear
  • Jeans
  • Bags
DTG Printer Items and Uses

10.  How to Choose the Best DTG Printer?

There are 3 Key Things to look at when choosing the Best DTG Printer for you.


  • The Cost and Suitability of The Machine.

Is the cost of the DTG Printer Machine within your budget? Does it suit your business needs?


  • The Cost of The Print Head with Respect to It’s Longevity.

Higher priced print heads usually have a superior nozzle configuration and are more durable.  The nozzle configuration in a print head is important as it determines the quality and resolution achieved in the final print.

Another consideration would be the print head’s working life. A more expensive print head should last longer than a cheaper print head. Hence, it is crucial to note down the average life of a specific brand’s print head and its replacement cost when choosing DTG printers.


  • The Cost of The DTG Printer Machine Ink.

There is no point in buying a cheap printer if the cost of the ink is going to be extremely expensive. Usually, average cost of the DTG printer machine’s ink is between $0.50 to $1 per t shirt that is printed. Of course this is not taking into account testing costs to achieve the exact colour shade you want, labour costs when you operate the printer, and maintenance time and cost to maintain the printer in good condition.

11. What is the Price of your Direct To Garment Printer for Sale

Our Direct To Garment Printer is for Sale at just $14999, with free delivery anywhere around Singapore.

You’ll also get 1 year free local warranty if you buy with us. Do feel free to contact us at admin@thenoteway.com for more details!

Contact Us to enquire about our DTG Printer now!