Dri Fit T-Shirt Printing

Many people like dri fit t-shirts for multiple reasons.

Some find it more cooling. Some find it more sexy. And we say it is more long lasting because of the polyester material used.

Yes. Dri fit t shirts are made up of 100% polyester. The polyester material used on dri fit tees makes dri fit t-shirts more durable. And if you are looking for quality dri fit t-shirt printing in Singapore, or any tshirt printing for that matter, you have come to the right place! Here’s what some of our customers say about us..

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The Noteway does dri fit t-shirt printing on dri fit tees of various different colours. And these are the dri fit t-shirt colours we offer right now.

Colours Available:

Dri Fit T-Shirts Sizing Chart

The Noteway dri fit T-shirt size chart

Gildan Drifit Colours Available:

Design Your Own Dri Fit T-Shirt

Don’t have a dri fit t-shirt design yet?

Don’t worry!

With our “Design Your Own T-shirt” Design lab, you can design your dri fit tees right away! Choose from over 3000+ Clip Arts and Fonts that we have to design your Dri Fit tee.  

Design Your Dri Fit T-Shirt

Types of Dri Fit Materials

You need to take note of the 2 types of dri fit materials that are commonly used on dri fit tees. This includes the interlock fabric dri fit material as well as the eyelet dri fit material.

dri fit t-shirt printingInterlock Fabric Dri Fit Material

Eyelet (Strongly recommended!)

Eyelet fabric material on the other hand, consists of threads that are knit slightly further apart from each other. This means that there are many tiny holes within the fabric. As such, eyelet dri fit tees are very airy and comfortable to wear in Singapore, where the weather is often hot and sunny!









Dri Fit Interlock

In the interlock fabric dri fit material, the threads used are knit really close to each other. As such, no holes within the dri fit tees can be observed easily. Due to its tight knitting, as well as how soft, firm and absorbent it is, interlock fabric dri fit tees are often said to exude a superior feel.

Uses and Types of Dri Fit T Shirts

Dri fit t shirts in general are often used in sports such as badminton, soccer, basketball, netball, table tennis and much more. This is because dri fit tees do not get sticky like cotton tees do when you sweat. These are also so many different types of dri fit tees that people wear. These range from dri fit round neck tees, to dri fit polo tees and even dri fit jerseys.

Whichever type of dri fit tees you need, we have it with us! We also have different colour combinations of drifit tees for your dri fit t shirt printing needs as shown below.

Colour Combinations Available

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