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Now why would a printing company put aside a whole section of its website to produce blog content? The reason behind our printing blog is that here at The Noteway, we want to offer our readers more than just a platform to make informed decisions when making bulk orders of t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, mugs or anything else we can print on.

As a premier designing and printing company here in Singapore, we also want to encourage originality, creativity and innovation. Having been brought up in a result-oriented society emphasising on academics and grades, we want to provide our readers the opportunity to express themselves. As such, we are encouraging original content for students by students by means of our student blog page. We do not believe in censoring content to please the public as we have created this student blog for you. If you are a student who wants your voice to be heard, we are here for you and we will make your voice heard.

If there is something you feel strongly about, be it a social cause, inspirational stories, or issues in school that you and your friends are not too happy about, feel free to write in to us at blogmyschool@thenoteway.com. If you have something fun and relatable that you would like your schoolmates to read, and earn some pocket money for yourself in the process, do also write in to us at the above stated email. We will pay you for your content if we publish it.

We look forward to making this blog page exciting for all of you because at The Noteway, your way is our way!

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