Basketball Jersey Printing

Do you play Basketball? Are you looking for top notch, customized basketball jersey printing for your team? Then you have come to the right place. Our custom basketball jerseys for your basketball team will fully meet your basketball jersey printing needs at a cheap price.

Yes, we know that your basketball jerseys will need to meet a certain standard, and be designed such that you are kept comfortable even while you are sweating. Our basketball jerseys, made of premium fabric, quickly draws sweat away from your body allowing you to keep cool and comfortable during your basketball game.

Key Features of our Basketball Jerseys

  • Sleeveless allowing for comfortable gameplay
  • Dri Fit Interlock Material to keep you cool
  • Sizes Ranging from XS to XXL
  • Flexibility for customization with your Name and Number
  • Wide range of printing methods to choose from

Below are 3 recommended basketball jersey types you could look at for your basketball jersey printing!

Basketball Jersey Types

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Don’t they look simple, cool and perfectly customizable to fit your design requirements! “But what about the design for my basketball jersey printing?” you may ask, if you don’t already have a design. Making the most of the comfortable sleeveless dri fit jerseys while looking fashionable is not easy. Fret not. At The Noteway, we offer free professional designing services for all our clients. And with the years of experience our designers have, perfecting the design of your custom basketball tops to your liking will be our duty.

Usually for Basketball Jerseys, we would recommend a design where,

  • The team name is displayed with a typography design in front
  • The name and number of each player is printed at the back

Also, if you want your Basketball Jerseys together with Shorts, we offer shorts printing as well!

Shorts Printing

For your shorts printing needs, we mainly offer these 2 types of shorts.

  • Black Running Shorts (Dri-fit interlock material) – Image 1
  • Black Sports Shorts (Dri-fit interlock material) – Image 2
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We would recommend the black running shorts for Basketball players as it will match well with your Basketball jersey. Basketball is also a sport that requires quite a lot of running. So doing your shorts printing on the running shorts will be highly recommended.

Get in touch with us today to get your basketball jerseys and shorts designed (for free) and printed at the same place. At The Noteway, your way is our way!

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