Apron Printing

Aprons are a chef’s best friend. They keep your clothes clean, they protect you from the heat and best of all, they give you the look of a professional. There are many types of aprons you can do your apron printing on. But we give you only the best. So choosing whether your customised apron is to be a full apron or a waist apron, is a choice you need to make.

Waist or full?

Which is better? That depends on what you are looking for. If you want more protection, your clothes to be safe from top to bottom and a slimmer waistline, the full apron is for you. If you want something more minimalistic and less restrictive, the waist apron is the better choice.

Material & Colour

In terms of materials, there is no need for you to fret over because Aprons are usually made of 100% polyester and that’s what we use for ours. The only extra step you need to take here is to decide on the colour. With 10 different colours for you to choose from, you will be be spoilt for choice.

Apron Printing by Nails Mama
Full Apron Printing
Waist Apron Printing

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The necessity of aprons

Aprons are necessary for all restaurants and food stalls because without them, accidental spillage of oil on yourself may cause more damage than it should. Aprons are here to protect you and of course, your clothes. Plus, it makes the place look more hygienic and gives the impression that it is trustworthy.

Personalized Aprons also play a part to distinguish an eatery from another through the logo or design on the apron. This is why we offer silk screen printing and embroidery on your aprons. With your silk screen printed and embroidered aprons, you can now have any design you want on your apron and be assured of a long lasting quality print.

Free design services

Don’t have a design? Do not worry. At The Noteway, we offer free professional designing services for all our clients. Yes. If you choose to print with us, you can get us to design your full and waist aprons for you for free!

Other Printing Services Offered

Besides Apron Printing, The Noteway is popular for its hoodie printing services and t shirt printing services as well. Are you looking for these other printing services in addition to apron printing? Rest assured you will get a massive discount from us!