18th Birthday Party Ideas to Have a Memorable 18th

Any 17 year old would be excited for their 18th birthday. However planning a party without any clear direction might be tough. These are a few 18th birthday party ideas which would definitely help you make your debut into adulthood a memorable one. Choose your favourite based on your personality!

18th Birthday Party Idea 1 – #LightUpTheParty (For the Crazy & Fun Alcohol Lovers)

Beer Pong Table Birthday Party Idea

If you and many of your friends love to drink, then this idea is for you!

The highlight of a party is not about the theme, but the fun that everyone has during the party. These LED illuminating beer pong tables will light up your 18th birthday party: Just turn down the lights, turn up the music and prepare to have the most lit 18th birthday party ever!

You can order your beer pong table online in advance! (https://www.infinitybeerpong.com/)

It might be a little over your budget but think of it as an investment for all the parties that follow. 

You can even consider splitting your friends into different groups for the games and get customised t-shirts done in advance for them right here with us!

Can you imagine how aesthetic your Instagram pictures would look?

18th Birthday Party Idea 2 – Trampoline Park (For the Sporty and Fun Loving)

Trampoline Park Party Idea

Who said you need alcohol to get “high” on your 18th birthday! This idea sounds rather simple, but once you start doing crazy front and back flips into the sponge pool with your friends…

It’s definitely going to be a memorable day!

You can book your Trampoline Park Experience here:


  • Jurong
  • River Valley
  • $12-$18 per hour


18th Birthday Party Idea 3 – Yacht Party (For the Cool and Adventurous)

Yacht Party

Now days, you don’t need to have deep pockets to rent a yacht for a day to celebrate your birthday!

If your friends are willing to share the costs of renting a yacht with you, and you have never been on a yacht, then go for it!

You can book your very own yacht for your yacht party on this site!


But do note that the price ranges from $590 and above.

18th Birthday Party Idea 4 – Chalet with Barbeque (For those who just want to Chill Out)

Aloha Loyang Resort Party

If you find it a hassle to plan for big parties, a barbeque chalet party is a cheap and simple alternative to celebrate your 18th birthday!

Simply gather your friends at your chalet and start cooking, eating, talking nonsense, playing games, sharing stories and having so much fun – without even any sleep!

Here are a list of chalets which you can consider:

  • Aloha Resort
  • Aloha Loyang
  • D’Resort
  • Consta Sands Resort
  • Aranda Country Club
  • D’Kranji Farm Resort

18th Birthday Party Idea 5 – M18 Movies (For the Lazy, Movie lovers)

M18 Movie

For those who say “Aiya, I’m too lazy to plan a party la.” and would love watching some violent/sexual M18 movies:

No more saying “wah I hope they don’t check my IC”.

Now you can walk into the cinema theaters without worrying about your entrance getting denied..like a boss!

Zhi Wei

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